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difference between  ejb,struts,hibernate,spring and jsp    0  16
what is container? infosys   1  54
what do u mean by java bean?? adp   1  911
hi friends, i have done my BE(CSE)at 2011 then i have joined one company before they asked me 50k so i paid but now they telling no project here so we r going to close like that so now i need any job i have good knowledge in core java and j2ee(jsp,servlet,jdbc) so if u know any job pl help me infosys   0  227
In inglish: How to convert jar to exe files? Em português: Como converter arquivos .jar para .exe?    0  330
what are memory considerations of jsp compares to other web components? tcs   0  862
String is is true String can be change to mutable How? professional-access   5  1031
What is private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; google   3  1558
1) Scenario: I developed my application on local system and everything is perfect and tested. Now on UAT this application is deployed on clustered server environment. They are logical or physically clustered. But application is not working over there.  What is the issue with application?  What are the first things which come in your mind? l&t   1  841
Which Taglibraury you used in your project? plz send me ans....which we r using generally    2  887
what we can't do in jdbc but can do hibernate? cap-gemini   3  2689
java is fully object oriented languages or not? why? hcl   11  3646
how can u cal servlet from java?    7  3001
How to do registration form using struts and hibernate?    1  1176
If i learn Java, what kind of applications can i create that will help Banking, Retail, Hotel, Logistics industry.    2  1220
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Un-Answered Questions
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How primary key is implemented in Oracle? 427
In RMI, inorder to sent the stub reference to the client, is we have to load the server object first into the memory or can we directly sent reference to the client? 318
which type of objects reference will be given to client? 307
What are the sequence of steps to write pub or sub model kind of application? 399
How messaging services are done, before release of JMS? 289
what are the activation groupworks? 306
How a component can be placed on Windows? 405
What is TL and its use? 381
what is meant by JRMP? 401
Describe activation process? 360
we use MainFrame and using os390 for operating system with DB2 data base in IRAN and interest programing with java and use webspere for world wide,please help me where i should start? 403
What is JNI? 400
difference between  ejb,struts,hibernate,spring and jsp 16
What are the advanatages of RMI ? 306
If we opened Windows Internet Explorer 4 times, does it starts 4 processes or 4 threads? 378
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