what is test objective?

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Answer / s.ram


Testing Objectives are

1. To find Uncovered Errors based on Requirement.

2. Ensure the Product is Bug Free before shipment/release.

3. 'Quality is Ensured';


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Answer / kochu

to explore the bugs and report it and try to make a
software as bug free as possible.

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Answer / nikhil goudia

objective of testing is to find out as many as error as
possible and to make software more reliable and easily
maintainable.a good test is one which uncover an error.
testing leads to a software on which we can say with
ensurity that this software is reliable and is tested and
will work %age of confidence.this %age of confidence
depends upon the amount of testing.one thing to be noted is
that we can not test exaustively because the amount of test
cases is infinity so we choose optimal amount of the
testing not too much nor too less and depending upon
closness of the testing to the optimal level we decides the
%age of confidentiality

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Answer / kavita arya

objectives of testings are...

1. to find out bugs and error in project.
2. to verify the performance
3. it is a process of excuting a program with
the intent of finding an error.
4.to verify the correctness.
5 to verify the robustness.
6.to verify the reliability.

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Answer / sowmiya

The test Objectives provide a prioritized list of
verification or validation objectives for the project. You
use this list of objectives to measure testing progress,
and verify that testing activity is consistent with project

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Answer / bindu puvvala

To show that the Software has errors

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Answer / mallikarjun

1. Testing is a process of executing a program with the
intent of finding an
2. A good test case is one that has a high probability of
finding an as-yetundiscovered
3. A successful test is one that uncovers an as-yet-
undiscovered error.

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Answer / saff

test objective is a measurable milestone which indicates
that testing activities have achieved the determined goals

so testing objectives will be

to verify the affordibility
to verify the user friendliness
to verify the usefullness
to verify the performance
to verify the appearance

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Answer / manju bhargavi

To write the testcases based on the requirement to discover
defects in the developed product.
->Improve the quality of the product by detecting the
uncovered errors.
->To check that developed product conforms to the design and
->finally to release the bug free product(as much as possible)
which satisfy the customer needs.

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Answer / vaibhav

objectives of testings are...

1. to find out bugs and error in project.
2. to verify the performance
3. it is a process of excuting a program with
the intent of finding an error.

4 to verify the robustness.
5.to verify the reliability.
6.to verify the correctness.
7.to verify the flexibility.
8. to verify the durability.

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