What is venture capital?

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Answer / sonali

Venture capital companies provide finance to new
businesses. Why one will go for venture capital? If u wish
to start up a new business and ur bank loan is not approved
in that case u can take help frm venture capital firms.
Venture capital firms will do indepth anlysis of ur
business plan bfore approving it. The interst is relatively
more than bank loans in most of the cases.

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Answer / reval analytical services

Venture Caital means Providing the finance for the New

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Answer / ramana mfm

venture capital is nothingh but risk capital.it is provide
capital for new business firms

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Answer / ganesh reddy

a form of equity financing designed specially for funding
High risk and high reward projects is known as " VENTURE

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Answer / guru

a form of equity financing designed specially for funding
High risk and high reward projects is known as " VENTURE

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Answer / rahul

venture capital is the private equity capital provided by
professional and outside investors to new and developing

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Answer / m.ravi kanth

The capital which is provided for an innovative project
which is different from other idea generaly these business
involves more risk and vise versa

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Answer / nimmasudhakar reddy

venture capital companies kown as financing companies these
provied capital or finance to who start new company or
develop if they want .

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Answer / nani

Venture capital is an Investment, usually in small private
companies to finance their start-up, expansion, survival or
change of owner ship. Venture capital occasionally invested
in large companies to support a management buyout or buy-in

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Answer / karthik

Money made available for investment in innovative enterprises or research, especially in high technology, in which both the risk of loss and the potential for profit may be considerable. Also called risk capital.

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