Accounting General Interview Questions
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P2P cycle with which accounts get effected at each stage

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O2C cycle with which accounts get effected

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wat is auto accounting

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On what basis you will define accounting structure

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Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)

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If balancing account is not assigned to company & is assigned to department wat will be the effects

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Assigning natural account to accounting seg. What will happen

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wat is mass allocation and when it is used

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what is MD050

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what is withholding tax

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what is budgeting and steps required to configure this.

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What is contra entry?

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What is column cash book?

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what is Penal account

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What is general entry credit purchase?


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what are the voucher entries in tally for medical insurance


what is casual receipt? is it exmpted in income tax?


hai everone,can anyone send me the accounting ,finance,general interview questions for mba freshers plz.....urjent


In the Manufacturing IF QC reject the material. Then where to record rejected material amount.


You are a B.E Student? How can u manage Banking?


What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat Cheque dishonoured?


what is the meaning of 4X and 10X value in intraday market?


i have purchase flat Rs.51279327/- + stamp duty registration charges + MVAT + Service tax = 5332370/- & other charges Rs.2012540/- please late me journal entry in Fixed asssets.


How use Budget in SAP, i want to see the report of variant between budget and actuals.


what is profit maximisation


When Tds is applicable to deduct and wht is rate for different work panel?


how to enter the tender refund amount in tally ?


My question is on Opening & Closing Stock Suppose Closing stock of 2014-15 is Rs 30 lakhs & Also we filed return & ROC too for 2014-15. Opening stock for 2015-16 should be Rs 30 lakhs but we found that some purchase for feb & March 2015 Stock has been entered in tally Its taken directly to purchase split of stock not made & in sales to same of 2 lakhs no split of stock is shown. Those stock need to make changes in 2015-16 what was the process ? And what will be adjustment entry ?


what is the basic difference between pooling of interest method and purchase method in amalgamation


ten example of direct income