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what is journal entry for "Interest allowed by bank" and where does it come in pass book??    0  7
in year end Balance sheet current liabilities is showing negative balance of re.-1/- how to write off the negative figure? pls help..    1  12
where is entry done in tally of cheque bounce ???? Journal, Payment, Receipt, Contra    2  15
Received intrest Rs.50 on advanve income-tax paid.    0  10
goods with drawn by proprietor for household expenses    1  21
How do we calculate the cost of investment?    0  17
what is revenue recognition rule, and can you specify the answer.    0  14
In which book of prime entry would the vat output Vat on credit sale be recorded?    0  24
A business sold goods valued at R1000 excluding vat on credit to a customer. What would be the debit to the customers account if vat is 14% ?    0  15
A Vat account debit balance reported in the year end trail balance would represent?    1  24
In South Africa, the value added tax is administered by?    0  15
In South Africa , the current rate for value added tax is ?    0  14
How to treat interstate exempted purchases? And its necessary to issue c form?    1  26
Value added tax is an expense to be suffered by?    0  14
what is debit balance report in SAP?. how do you describe DB report in brief.    0  9
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how to solve cashbook question 1384
How to Automate requirment mapping in QC? 346
Q1.How depreciation deffer from depletion? the main benefit from calculating and recording depreciation. 347
AL+w button lanunches the .............. installed web brower 416
what is a state cheque? how it differes from stale cheque? 515
swagat staryed business on 1st jan 2005 with cash on hand Rs. 10000 296
Assume that the real risk-free rate is 3% and that inflation is expected to be 8% on year 1,5% in year 2,and 4% thereafter.Assume also that all Treasury bonds are highly liquid and free of default risk. If 2-year and 5-year Treasury bonds both yield 10%,calculate the difference in the maturity risk premium on the two bonds. 243
Can you tell me entry tax will be applicable on Spectacles purchase from u s a   288
why dr is on left hand side while cr is on right hand side? 288
What action could be taken by you and your manager to improve your performance in your current position? 6131
we have registered to MCCIA(Maratta Chember of Commerce Ind & Agri.).They given a Tax Invoice against this registration with charging service tax@10.3%.can we take credit of this service charge ? 457
How to pass accounting entry for a tender cost and under which head? and how to show joint venture in venture's accounting books?under which head? 87
What Entery Should Made When Godown Rent Paid in Advance At The Time Of Agreement.Transation Is as Below * Rent Paid To XYZ (OWNER OF PROPERTY) For Running Month. * One Month Rent In Advance Tenent will Always pay rent amt 1st of every month. How can we do entry every month and How can party's a/c will due on ending every month. How can party a/c Show ADVANCE RENT. Please enter every entery including JV. With time when it is necessary. 1154
I have 4 four category of emplies say Admn/Markting/Procurment/Production and the employees of thee category have there bank accounts in 5 or six different banks. How can i generate Payroll advice for the employees having account in A Or B OR C Or D falling under above category 342
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