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What is difference vat    0  2
Asset A/c is a ............... (a) Personal a/c (b) Real a/c (c) Expense a/c (d) Personal or Real a/c    2  22
what are the items falling under the category of reserves and surplus? whether bills of exchange is a reserves and surplus item 2.whther errors of omission will affect the trial balance    0  10
whether bills of exchnge can come under the category of reserves and surplus    0  5
is there is mentioned that we can adjust excess debtors with creditor in the stock statement while calculating Drawing Power    0  6
can we adjust margin money paid to bank to open a Bank Guarantee in stock statement while calculating Drawing Power    0  5
what is a finance    0  73
in what circumstances it is mandatory to calculate the goodwill.    0  35
what is the nature of profit and loss approprition account.which entity prepare this.    0  30
why assets are shown at their historical cost price but not at their current price bcoz we are following historical cost concept. but this will not reveal correct financial position of the business.give reason    0  36
Wha is difference between expenses and expenditure    0  73
Salary outstanding    1  65
what is mean by debit purchase    2  184
If we withdraw cash from OD account, is it contra entry or receipt entry    0  66
i have pay to 250000 excise duty so i ask to all how can maintain entry in tally ?    0  75
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are the adjustments and treatment with connection to the profit and loss appropriation accounts and how they do? 352
what is one way , two way matching , three way , four way matching ? 213
my question is I am finance student I want to know which type of the question are asked by the interwier in interview. 386
What is accounting 1085
please send me banking question on my email ID as I have been selected for state bank of india .my email ID is 280
what is the performa of bank reconcilation ? i want to need it and also i want to know about tds entry for various sources such as rent,contractor, commission, etc. and how we make the tds return, please tell me its very urgent? 473
Ledger Enteries 614
can we credit depreciation of the year to the general reserves in a balance sheet of that year? and also enlist some relevant documents or standards? 747
when receieve cheque from a party and we deposite cheque in bank how do this entry 1645
what is dmat charges? 224
Transport expense were reimbursed by the supplier Pass journal entry 76
A Company has not deposited its ESI /PF dues from 01-04-10 till 31-12-10 in a year (Both the shares). What is the maximum time limit for that and is the liability as on date. Management wants to daly at the maximum, but want the calculations of each & every aspect- monthwise. The avrerage no. of employees are 50 and the salary is around 2.00 to 2.5 Lacs per month. 394
Explain the Realisation concept and Accounting concept? why do you prepare p/l appropriation account? 4 difference b/w public and private caompany? How do you calculated closing stock in tradind a/c? Contents an invoice receipt? classification of Error as per accounting? Diff btwn Satutory audit & Internal audit? Diff b/w reserves for bad debts and provision for bad debts? Where the Bank book and the Cash book will not reconcile? When will the Cash book have a credit balance? 651
whether allowances will be included in calculating esi from gross salary 279
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