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 Categories >> Accounting >> Accounting General
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what about the manapuram fm    0  9
Which Entry Contain all three accounts Principal(Personal,Real, & Nominal)    0  12
If a company Purchased Cotton Waste.. it comes under which expense/ how to treat in account    1  20
what are the limitations of accounting conventions    0  13
if a company purchased measurement tape for office use .. it comes under which expense head     1  17
as  per partnership deed, salary to working partner is rs 8000/ per month (96000 annually), suppose if i have book profit of rs 50000/ only,then what is the procedure to give salary    0  18
the client has running his business in a rental building and he built new room in same place with own money. can we use the expenses of new room in profit and loss a/c    1  25
What is ‘Dual Control’ in Master Records?    0  18
Why is an ‘Alternate Payee’ used    0  15
What are negative postings?What are Credit memos ?Payment Requests ?    0  9
How do you add/remove a payment block for particular invoice ?    0  14
What is an Automatic Payment Program ?    0  9
Explain the Invoice verification process    0  17
What is a Goods Receipt    0  11
Which steps in Procurement to Pay process does FI documents get created.    0  9
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Un-Answered Questions
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India me ,suppose that hmare pass 190000 Rs hai,to kitna tax lgega,or kis heshab se lgega, 137
What GP resew of balance sheet taking. 133
Explain the Invoice verification process 17
which subsidiary book is source of these:debit note,credit slip, 225
sir , i am very confussing enrty for cash receipts in t code fbcj. do the effect on wbs element after selected wbs ? 163
what's the mean by Imprest system? Please give me Replay on this no. 9885789716 188
what are the basic elements to prepare a quarterly information system and how to calculate that items? 96
please tell me the reconciliation format in excel 130
what is "goodwill" reserve and surplus and reserve with example 97
what is tax deducted at source 199
can we credit depreciation of the year to the general reserves in a balance sheet of that year? and also enlist some relevant documents or standards? 250
what is bond wash transaction ,when we have to use it, and what is the procedure please help me with examle 112
What is a Goods Receipt 11
what is valuation code and valuation modifier in sap fico 241
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