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What are current assets?    1  5
What mean the word LLP? Please share the definition...?    0  5
Is electricity charges are direct or indirect expenses    1  8
Hello Sir, My Name is Shoaib, I am Novice in Accounting Field. I want to learn the simple & step by step, procedure to final my company account. Please Help    0  8
Meaning of tax invoice    2  18
What is the journal entry for drawing money from bank for personal use?    4  22
How to pass entry in tally for payment of vat penalties?    1  18
rate of vat on gold purchase local & o.m.s. & rate of % in sale local & o.m.s.    0  11
Why Prepaid rent is treated as Personal Account?    0  11
Cheque in hand is current asset or fixed asset...?    2  22
how to calculate closing stock...? include direct exp or not...¬†    0  17
Allowances means-mobile, trawling is direct exp or indirect exps    0  16
What is Contra Voucher¬†    0  14
how to pass return cheque entry in tally erp 9¬†    0  13
In the income statement we may get profit or loss but the name of the statement was Profit and Loss account Why it was so?    0  12
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Un-Answered Questions
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Assuming that a firm pays tax at a 50 per cent rate, compute the after tax cost of capital in the following cases: I. A 8.5 % preference share sold at par. II. A perpetual bond sold at par, coupon rate of interest being 7 per cent III. A ten year, 8 percent, Rs.1000 par bond sold at Rs.950 less 4 percent underwriting commission. 785
What is the limitaion of the Trial Balance?! 401
how can i settle the party ac with cr & dr 358
Where I can Found Cost Reduction Techniques Implemented by Various cement Companies 429
what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called 340
How to prepare HSD statements in tally 422
any one provide me mm & fi configration steps 207
how do made in finalization 328
Please answer me for the followings 1. i taken an office on January @ rent 28000.00 for one year and i paid 14000.00 as first payment balance will be paid on august. in tally how we post this and under which account especially balance 14000.0 under which account. 2.i have taken a loan from mr. A the amount is 100000.00 on January and the interest i need to pay on march 21000.00 the interest which iam going to pay is liability not a expense and it will be a expense in future, how we can post this also in tally and under which account. please somebody guide me who knows regards niyas es 173
hi...this is chaitanya fresh bcom computer graduate i need job in finance feild will i get in genpact, deloitte, bank of america, or any other mnc...? 236
Dear sir, In tally what is list of cost centres? and what is the list of cost categories? 402
how calculate intrest on advance tax ? and penalty on vat? 411
India me ,suppose that hmare pass 190000 Rs hai,to kitna tax lgega,or kis heshab se lgega, 340
what is turn over? what is vat? what should ido to become a expert in acount? plese ans me 301
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