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I have a questions regarding booking transaction. what is I want to loan my company 10k transaction will be recorded as follows "CASH" 10k debit "Payable to partner" 10K as credit. So when I used company debit card for my personal use can I book this as a loan repayment? which means I will have to Debit account " Payable to Partner and credit "Cash"    0  4
what is asset in accounting    1  8
what is the difference between directors capital and current a/c    0  6
what is the nature of expenses of a donation    0  6
1)Why closing stock or stock always a positive balance is any reason for? 2)if i am working in IT company what is my Accrual?    0  8
on 02/05/2013 issued a cheque to third eye ltd of Rs.14000/- in full and final settlement against the due on amount    0  5
Is there Disqualification of Auditor u/s 139 of Companies Act 2013 if the auditor is indebted towards the company to be appointed as an auditor, if amount exceeds more than Rs.1000 as against the provision related to Companies Act, 1956 ?    0  6
Recent banking question for 2015 interview for scale2 exam of sbm    0  20
What is Journal Entry for Provision for Leave Salary    2  34
i am normally accountant. i am not a CA. then i learn a account maintain    0  19
when we use credit card, then what will do entries in tally erp as a accountant and second question that if he do entry then what will thay keep under the ledger of credit card.    0  20
opening stock rs.6000 purchases rs.22000 cash sales rs.18000 credit sales rs.12000 calculate closing stock if rate of gross profit on cost of goods sold 25%.    2  31
what will be journal entry if bussiness is started from loan.    2  43
bill amount 30000 how to charge tds as sec 194c    1  84
A sole trader run a business, and he takes every month fixed salary, he says this salary should not be affect in profit and loss a/c, he wants this salary transfer to his capital a/c, means he wants increased his capital - My question is as per the accounting system is it possible?      1  46
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How to group the companies in tally? 361
what is your opinion regarding T.V shows on youth 467
Mention your extra-curricular interests. Which do you actively pursue? How do you see these developing in the future? 308
Into which account do we close the revaluation account balance during the winding up of a company? 339
if u r work in showroom as a accountant. one day owner's friend is come into his showroom and he want to buy a 1 track-shoot but he confused and he take 3 track- shoot with us and reply he only pur. 1 track-shoot & 2 track-shoot return after 3 days. so now what is entry passe in account.? 274
What is the difference between accrual 308
1. Why do wish to study in canada in the program for which you have been accepted? 2. What is your overall education goal? 3. Why are you pursuing a similar program in your country of residence/citizenship? 4. What research have you done into studies in your country of residence/citizenship? 5. How will this program enchance your employment opportunities in your country of residence? please send me all possible answer i hope your answer will help me a lot... 1372
pass journal entries of the following transaction in the books of AG sindh, AGPR,FTO and SBP: 1)DDo sindh house submitted a bill for purchase of furniture to AGPR islamabad for Rs.200000 on 20th March 09; 2)AGPR issued cheque on 2nd april which was cleared by SBP on 5th April; 3)On 26th may, voucher were exchanged in the clearing house; 4)On 28th May, AG sindh issued advise to settlement to SBP karachi; 5)On 5th june,SBP HQ karachi sends a copy of clearnce memo along with bank statement to AG sindh and AGPR for settlement made on 31st May. 921
RPC Ltd. follows the written down value method of depreciating machinery year after year due to (a) Comparability. (b) Convenience. (c) Consistency. (d) All of the above. 315
Can a company deduct TDS & provide TDS certificate for a bill without actually making payment towards the same?? 294
what is one way , two way matching , three way , four way matching ? 189
What is the Corporate Tax, Minimum Alternate Tax, Professional Tax, Business Tax Describe Me 537
what is an ideal organisation 324
If a consultant charged his fee n receive so can i pass the journal entry n how i can i maintain bal sheet 455
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