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charity comes under which ledger group    1  26
debenture comes under which head in tally    1  123
Whether Advance against property to be included in Loans & Advances while referring to section 185 & 186 of Companies Act, 2013?    0  43
what would be the Same Number Of GST&CST Number??????    0  156
what percent of wages calculate from sales of a firm (registered under manufacturing of machinery spares) sales (appr)- RS.10000000/-    0  90
How can i disable closing stock in trial balnce in tally?    0  784
I am a registered dealer under tnvat act 2006. I do not have CST number. But, i purchase imported liquor from new delhi. shall i get c form for reduced rate of CST?    2  1184
If the supplier is register in tax department,but he is not charging vat, what is the reason, get me as soon as possible,    0  711
 What is the meaning of ADVANCE TAX, TDS Deducted and PREPAID Taxes ?     0  781
Discuss the factors to be considered by the auditor in order to determine an audit strategy.    0  614
What are the basic steps to be taken by an auditor in order to express an opinion on client’s financial statements.    0  393
what is the BRS genpact   11  12682
what is the balance sheet genpact   7  7809
what is the debit and credit genpact   5  9529
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Un-Answered Questions
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When should a company sack its auditor? 470
What sort of image do you have? 322
What do you know about KPMG? 2260
can external audit be seen as merely an overhead cost adding no value to the orgnisation 880
which of the following procedure would auditor lease likely perform in planning a financial statement audit? 587
tax audit object & rules 499
Please send me rbi previous exam paper with ans for group B at 610
what is the reason for controls in an IS environment? 414
How auditing is prepared? 550
vat on liquor vat on food ? vat on bevrages ? vat on tobaco? vat on gold? 469
what percent of wages calculate from sales of a firm (registered under manufacturing of machinery spares) sales (appr)- RS.10000000/- 90
accounting & audit system of film production enterprises 715
1.tell me five points of check list of an audit. 2.what do you checking in statutory audit.five main points. 3.what do you checking in internal audit five main points. 4.which five major points checking according to caro. 966
How will you calculate impairment of assets of a software company?what is the necessary steps briefly describe? 620
What sort of image do you have? 538
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