Audit Interview Questions
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what is inventory and how can manage the inventory. what is ledger and what difference in inventory and ledger.

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What is the Difference between Current Assets and Fixed Assets and how would you classified it

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What is the most effective team you have ever been a part of ?


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what was ur role in team?


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How do you feel u contributed to its effectiveness?

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Describe a time when u have taken on a particularly challenging or stretching target. What made it so nchallenging for u?


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Tell us about your experience in conducting audits.

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what is meant by vouching?

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Who can carry out a charity audit?

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If the wording of a governing document of a non-company charity requires accounts to be audited, does this mean statutory audit?

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If a charity is required to have an audit carried out due to the level of incoming resources or expenditure, but then is below the threshold in the following years, is an audit still required?

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Can an auditor undertake an audit of a Receipts and Payments Account?

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What wording should be used in the audit report?


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What sorts of accountant count as "qualified accountants" to be independent examiners for charities with income over ?100,000 or assets over ?1,000,000?


A company charity (gross income

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whta is the current SBAR? Please provide the past rates from 1st january 2011 to till date.


what percent of wages calculate from sales of a firm (registered under manufacturing of machinery spares) sales (appr)- RS.10000000/-


which type audit for your company account


i have to finalize a mineral water co. for the year 2014-15 and i want to know that what will be rate of excise duty on sale of mineral water.


Please send me rbi previous exam paper with ans for group B at


what supporting documents do we vouch to for sales, purchases, receivables, payables, sales cutoff, and liabilities cutoff?


hi friend i have selected in ssc cgle as accountant in audit department. can anyone tell about the work of accountant in audit department?


i read in andhra bank recruitmentin that i saw english languages marks are eligible what is that eligible mark


May deduct TDS Froma reseller ?


why auditors are not true and faire statement of account


Whether interstate purchase of High speed diesel by mines at concessional rate is allowable ?


What is mean by error of submission? can u plz provide notes on this?


1.tell me five points of check list of an audit. 2.what do you checking in statutory audit.five main points. 3.what do you checking in internal audit five main points. 4.which five major points checking according to caro.


How to Computation Advance Tax For First Quarter


central exices