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what is the under group of tds payable. when deducted tds on salary.    0  4
Ina earth work excavation and filling work , wct is applicable?    1  6
If the the material sent for job work in outside state for job work ,what should be service tax chargeable or not if material receipt after job work done to job worker kindly suggestion    0  3
what is the vat.explain about the addolarum basis.    1  14
what are direct and indirect tax.    1  13
Provision entry for current Year Income Tax A/c ----Dr To Income Tax Payable A/c Adjustment entry in next Year Income tax payable---Dr To bank A/c kindly tell me which head of income tax a/c and income tax payble a/c    0  12
how much TDS required in telecommunication services ? Any types of Telecommunication, provider or services receiver    0  11
What is the difference between 24Q and 26Q form of tds    1  24
what is rate of different service tax in haryana    0  12
What Is Difference of Cst Waybill Advance cst Waybill    0  22
Company A from Maharashtra dispatch material directly to company C in Maharashtra & Billed to Company B in Karnataka. Co. A raised billed to Co. B charged local VAT., Co. B raised bill on Co. C tax rate NIL. Can Co. C claimed on VAT amount ?    0  20
How to make fdr entry in tally software i dont understand. when fdr open from bank and after work and interest it get closed. i want to understand how to make ledger of that and full details please help me    0  28
How to paid online professional tax form IDBI bank    0  28
Can we deduct tds on mobile or landline bill payment    0  25
I we take computer and laptop on rent basis the vendor charge 5% vat bill then we should deduct TDS for them @2% or 1%    0  25
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Un-Answered Questions
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How can company withdraw the amount of Group Superannuation of the employee who has left the job before completion of one year ? 403
our manufacturing company, i have received different type of excise bill. for ex. abc invoice purchased oil 17966.88 qty @54.80 inducing excise duty 14% tn how separate rate n excise calculated 358
updated rates of sales tax & VAT in Maharashtra 1026
what is cenvet credit in vat. 3611
What is "Crossing the customs frontiers of india"? Please explain in layman language. 526
Are woollen Blankets (Rugs) taxable under CST ? Can unregistered party sell it. 375
What is c.s.t slab on furniture & fixture ? 375
Dear sir, mu question is that can one lunch (Tiffin) provider person mention both vat or service tax on his bill. pls. give me answer. EXPLAIN BRIEFLY. 813
i paid tds through my bank account but i entered the assessment year as 2010-11(the current year) instead of 2011-12(actual assessment year). what is the remedy for this. how do i get refund for the wrongly paid sum. or is there any way to currect the assessment year? 570
What is the difference between Indian and us taxation 82
What is means by Central Excise ? How to calculate Central Excise ? Central Excise form No. is ? 597
What we mean by MAT Credit Entitlement ??? 3842
what is the method of work contract tax computation 1071
we charge service tax in our Invoice.we pay it in time. At the end of the year other party gives his deduction as certificate. what to do with it ? how to submit again to tax authorities? 272
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