test cases for landline phone

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Answer / amulyaranjan

Test case for telephone: 1. To check connectivity of
telephone line or cable2. To check the modem to determine
whether it is functioning or not3. To check dial tone of the
phone 4. To check the keypad while you dial any valid number
on the phone5. To check ring tone with it?s volume levels6.
To check voice of both sides (from and to) of the phone 7.
To check display monitor if the phone has 8. To check redial
option whether its functioning or not10. To check the
company standard of phone 11. To check the weight and color
of the phone 12. To check loud speaker whether it is
functioning or not any missing above then you can add any
more test cases

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Answer / sushant kademani

13.To Check whether Mute function is working or not.
14.To check whether Conference is working as expected.
15.To check the battery stand time.

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