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Correct Journal Entry of PF & ESI    0  14
Why Prepaid rent is treated as Personal Account?    0  11
Cheque in hand is current asset or fixed asset...?    2  23
how to calculate closing stock...? include direct exp or not...¬†    0  17
Allowances means-mobile, trawling is direct exp or indirect exps    0  16
What is Contra Voucher¬†    0  14
how to pass return cheque entry in tally erp 9¬†    0  13
ER-5 & ER- 7 ER -4 related all information 1) What Fill The ER-5 & ER- 7 ER -4 2) What Infomation Fill In the return    0  8
on what basis exchange rates are decided?    0  8
In the income statement we may get profit or loss but the name of the statement was Profit and Loss account Why it was so?    0  12
Transport expense were reimbursed by the supplier Pass journal entry    0  12
What do you mean by the word Loss in nominal accounting Give some examples    0  10
is advance against FD or RD is treated as NPA .if EMI is not in scheduled . or classification of npa as per day is is made from sanction date or last payment date of repayment . please suggest me    0  23
I have a questions regarding booking transaction. what is I want to loan my company 10k transaction will be recorded as follows "CASH" 10k debit "Payable to partner" 10K as credit. So when I used company debit card for my personal use can I book this as a loan repayment? which means I will have to Debit account " Payable to Partner and credit "Cash"    1  44
Describe the accounting principles    0  48
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is chart of accounts 538
What are the objectives of accounting 289
what do u mean by comparative budget? 347
My balance sheet is tallied. But there is a difference of RO 1 in cash flow. How to adjust ? 255
certificate of export is for which items? 363
Dear Sir, we have purchased Poly Covers ( 360mm x 560mm)for raw material use.This Input vat claim it or not ? 465
can a bank po work in any type of bank such as idbi bank,hdfc,hsbc please tell me 398
What's the accounting entry when an Invoice is created in AR? 246
Income Tax Department sends cheque for INR 2 Crore as Refund after completion of Assessment for A.Y.2011 - 2012 to a Company. As per IT Return filed for this year I.T. due to Government was INR 60 Lac but was assessed at INR 70 Lac. TDS due to Company was INR 3 Crore which was admitted as INR 2.7 Crore by Government. Government also adjusts Tax dues for A.Y. 2009 - 2010 of INR 40 Lac which was disputed earlier by the Company and Appeal was lying with the CIT. Government pays Interest to the Company amounting to INR 40 Lac. Provision for Income Tax made by the Company in its accounts for F.Y. 2010 - 2011 (A.Y. 2011 - 2012) was INR 50 Lac. What would be the Journal Entry at the time of receipt of Refund of INR 2 Crore from the Government in A.Y. 2014 - 2015 in the books of the Company? 412
what is t code of gr/ir report? 730
Are woollen Blankets (Rugs) taxable under CST ? Can unregistered party sell it. 370
Why not we must to created Provision & Reserve? And if we're not to recognized what the effect will be? 324
what r journal entry transaction 639
Treatment of Government grant and its utilization in P 53
Sir i want to ask that if the salary above 6500/- than also pf deduct. 239
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