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How do you determine as to what TDS has to be deducted from each vendor supplying us the goods and doing labour work?    0  18
If a supplier of goods is also a Contractor doing labour work, then is it necessary to collect separate bills one for material & the other for labour? or else tell me what is to be doen?    2  25
Government sales tax refund a y 2013-2014 ? How can enter in tally    0  16
How to record:- Amount received 500000/- for supply of material for 5 years    2  29
Journal entry for Salary paid 100000/- in which (1)pf (2)esi (3) professional tax included    2  26
when apply for ragistred in central excise no    0  16
What is WHT (With Holding Tax)and how can i calculate? please give the example for understanding?    1  25
How to prepare the Sales Tax and Sales Tax return?    0  21
How to prepare the Income Tax and income Tax return?    0  16
Rent received in advance journal entry    1  30
what is the entry of arrears salary. but salary sheet is already finished.    1  32
what would be the journal entry for outstanding salary of 15000 paid by advance salary of 25000??    3  41
what is the process to return sales tax file?how can i prepared s.t. file?what should be qualification for it?    0  19
what is waybill key number & how can it be issue?    0  19
how to entry in tally for other person check received    0  21
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Un-Answered Questions
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can an accountant handle all the accounting transaction without any type of help from any person? 370
WHERE WE CAN USE VAT 5%,14.5% 512
how to prepare brs statement for company in tally 1537
what are the differences between Tally and Focus? 2778
What is the difference between cfa and csa? 2160
sir, can you give me clarification briefly how to capitalized and which one capitalized 339
What extra accounts and legal formalities are maintened In excise firm other then normal saling firm.? also tell me tax aspect in Excise firm? 323
i want know central excise duty codes with cess? 867
Please guide in details about Payroll in Tally.erp9?? 595
A company charity (gross income <?250k) wishes to take advantage of the audit exemption regime. However, there is an audit provision in the company's Articles. Should they be required to change the Articles? 556
Expand ------NITES 271
If seller sale exempted goods outside the state then "c form" is necessary or not? 26
I am working as account in one of the logistics company for one year. I would like to know about service tax and how can I post necessary entries 798
What is mean by Reserve on Consolidation? 11137
what is mean by provision ? give me examples .. 305
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