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Company A has purchased goods worth Rs. 25000 from company B and made the cash payment of Rs 5000 and remaining will be payable with in 30 days. Assume that there is a late payment charge @ 2% on remaining amount as the invoice was received after due date from company B. Pass the journal entry in the books of company A for all the above transactions.    1  19
Dear Experts, Please advice, what are the rate of WCT , and is it differ from individual to companies in case of deduction ( if i am the deducting person)    0  10
Provisioned for electricity for the previous month's bill Rs. 8000 (pass journal entry)    0  16
Please describe your experience in inventory reporting & valuation including reconciliation of inventory accounts.    0  13
I am working in govt. sec. How to make journal entry in books for Fix Deposit    0  21
What is functional area,trading partner in sap fico    0  33
how can we calculate tds? how the return prepare & file?    1  63
What are current assets?    2  159
What mean the word LLP? Please share the definition...?    1  61
for capitalized goods also buyer has to issue the C Form    0  57
debenture comes under which head in tally    1  119
Is electricity charges are direct or indirect expenses    2  114
Hello Sir, My Name is Shoaib, I am Novice in Accounting Field. I want to learn the simple & step by step, procedure to final my company account. Please Help    0  53
Whether Advance against property to be included in Loans & Advances while referring to section 185 & 186 of Companies Act, 2013?    0  42
Meaning of tax invoice    3  193
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Explain what is involved in the process of double-entry accounting? 621
what is general accounting 341
Plz send me the questions that could be asked in an interview for a Bank Clerical job to Thank you. 263
which of the following procedure would auditor lease likely perform in planning a financial statement audit? 587
What is the professional firm you think? 317
capital introduced by partners? how it will be shown in tally? ( the place of Account what we have to post) (at the place of particulars what we have to post) (in which vocher we can post it) 510
in a company, if employee contributing To PF equal to employer contribution. can he voluntarily stop his contribution while he is in service with that company? 243
someone plz plz plzz.. send me the sample papers for SBI clerical xams... i need it very badly.. 440
Dear sir, In tally what is list of cost centres? and what is the list of cost categories? 414
What are the legal entities that constitute your business? Does a legal entity have a seperate Federal Tax Id? In which country does a legal entity operate? In which currency does a legal entity operate? When does each legal entity's fiscal year begin? 299
What are the major responsibility's of an accountant? what are the qualities he /she requires? 323
Truck # 3 has a list price of 16000. It is acquired in exchange for a computer system that company A caries in its inventory. The computer system cost 12000 and is normally sold by company A for 15200. Pass the journal for the same. 341
can TDS be deducted(in Jharkhand) from the bill of a supplier who supplies goods from Delhi to Jharkhand taxable @12.5% under jharkhand VAT ACT?Whether Entry tax is also deductible in this case 897
Pls.tell me related purchase orders. 541
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