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in which voucher we can enter the depreciation entry    1  17
What did you meant by Debit and Credit?    0  28
Why we are crediting Gross profit or debiting a Gross loss in the profit and loss account?    0  10
Labour charge 100000  deduction tds 5%    1  25
What is the eligibility criteria of C-Form(Manufacturing goods of borewell bits, Hammers, Drilling Tools and Air compressors, etc..). If such company will purchase safety shoes, buyer can eligible to issue C-Form?    0  12
If someone knows about the test pattern of Junior executive accounts than please share.    0  12
How can i disable closing stock in trial balnce in tally?    0  15
Goods costing Rs.40000 was lost by fire but 3/4th of the claim was accepted by the insurance company    0  17
how we issue the road permit to seller for receiving the rearing material    0  22
What is the implication in the subsequent sale to local party for the goods received from other state Non-Presentation of E-1 form : If 'A' of Rajasthan (Supplier) supplies goods directly to 'C' of Gujarat (Consignee) on instruction of 'B' of Gujarat (Buyer). There is no presentation of E-1 form. Question : Can tax be charged in the invoice of sale from 'B' to 'C' ?? If any, what will be charged..VAT or CST?    0  18
what is procedure to get c form? what is procees to get vat /tin no    0  19
I am a registered dealer under tnvat act 2006. I do not have CST number. But, i purchase imported liquor from new delhi. shall i get c form for reduced rate of CST?    0  18
how to reverse the receipt cash entry & contra is also passed for it in tally erp 9    0  22
Whether Luxury Tax should be collected on Tariff or on discounted tariff.    0  18
What is RITC under UP VAT. and How it is calculated.    0  20
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Profir/Earning Before Tax and Profit after tax any one explaint this Clearly. 177
which of the following procedure would auditor lease likely perform in planning a financial statement audit? 429
what Is the ITc Claimed. how to utilized the ITC. 150
I have working with Rs.180000/- I want fill up itr 1st time What is process. 319
Have you worked with other on team endeavors 194
Dear All, We are a trader and doing one E-1 sales. Supplier send the material by To-pay basis, we endorse the LR and sold to Customer. Customer has given the purchase order for Basic amount and freight amount also. That means we have to pay the freight and getting the reimbursement from customer. In E-1 sales Invoice can we show the freight amount separtely as freight ? Since the customer need the freight head should be shown separetly. Or can we raise the separate debit note for this. Is it create any tax implifications in E-1? Please claify the same at the earliest. regards Regards Thananjeyan.P 649
if a buyer paid full cst 14.5% for a redistrable assect then whatis the registration process? 236
Whether C Form can be issued for the transactions that made 5-6 years back? What are the procedures? 170
Expand-------SNAT 139
What is corporate assesses? 215
How would you encourage team building unit for effeciency in the office? 149
What is outsider equity and time interest period ratio? 157
Three steps for correction in BRS? 204
what is account payee cheque 132
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