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Gross salary is 762000, PF deducted 38000, ESI deducted 6700, TDS deducted 6000, Advance deducted from staff 12000, net salary sent to bank 699300. How do we enter journal in Tally 7.2    0  3
WCT ,TDS,Service tax ,costmor accounting    0  6
how to calculate vat?    1  16
what comes under real account?    2  21
how would you describe youself    0  15
what is purchase entry how to book the entry    1  28
what is latest rate of vat cst service tax. what is contractor tds rate.    0  20
What is negative goodwill?    1  24
what is the nagative good will?    1  34
I am an employee in a IT Company. While filling out the form it prompts to fill - Details of Tax deducted at source from Salary (as per form16) and then it again prompts to fill - Details of Advance tax and Self Assessment Tax. if i fill both the columns, i get end result as 2 times of Tax i paid and a refund.    0  20
What is the difference between Road permit and Way bill ?    0  25
How to Automate requirment mapping in QC?    0  15
what is aspects of taxation?    0  22
can company can follow single entry system    2  26
what are the document that get created in procurement to pay process ?    1  27
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As per AS-26, preliminary expenses are to be written off in the year in which it is incurred. How will you treat Preliminary expenses in Cash Flow Statement of that year 275
How to adjustment of CST ? and also tell me about C-Form affairs ? 46
what is new updates in account 158
What is the Profit & Loss Account? 128
What do you mean by Adjustment 152
Please tell me the process of generation of TDS in Tally ERP-9 with an Example 410
procedure to get Raw Material free of excise duty under Central Excise Act, 135
In the Manufacturing IF QC reject the material. Then where to record rejected material amount. 138
What is the journal entry for Call and a Put option both in the books of buyer and seller 1184
.........method of stock valuation considered the purchase price of stock which intered the godown last. 1)fifo 2)lifo 3)weight average 4)all the above methoed chose the correct answer? 143
how sales invoices adjusted against advance received from Debtor? 223
What would be journal entry for--Encashed a bank draft belonging to X? Ans as given in textbook is Bank account debit to Cash account credit.......But shouldnt it be Cash account debit to Bank account credit...Wat do u guys feel??And do explain ur answers..Thnx in advance 363
why use diff vat forms like vat51 vat3 why 107
India me ,suppose that hmare pass 190000 Rs hai,to kitna tax lgega,or kis heshab se lgega, 133
Expand DEHM 120
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