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What is the difference between Road permit and Way bill ?    0  2
How to Automate requirment mapping in QC?    0  2
what is aspects of taxation?    0  3
can company can follow single entry system    1  4
what are the document that get created in procurement to pay process ?    0  3
What is the penalty of non payment or late payment of Service Tax, VAT, TDS?    0  5
What are the excise duties in our state?    0  4
Sales Invoice 50000/- fully profit , management want profit for this year should be appear in P&L A/c and B/S 25000/- only and remaining 25000/- profit retain for the next year  What will be JV for this year and next year?- Thank you    0  4
is vat applicable on services as well? please describe the services under vat?       0  3
difference between tax invoice and retail invoice    1  8
My Books of Accounts started from January 2013, I have opening Bank Balance Rs.1000/- Owner says this amount paid by one client in December 2012 appear in bank statement What is Accounting entry for the Accounting 2013 ?      1  10
in accounting process there is summerizing. what is sumarizing? and an relevant example of summarizing?    1  11
What and How to compute an unsecured balances?    0  10
when the ABC's personal bank to to his business bank money transferred(paid) then how to pass the entry.    0  8
 A firm pays commission to its manager @10%on profits arrived at after charging such commission.What will be the amount of commission if the profits before charging such commission is Rupee 22,000?    0  10
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Un-Answered Questions
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EXPAND______________ICC 146
How can a shopkeeper maintain the daily data in tally 544
What problems might be encountered if there were no accounting standards? 374
Excise duty applicable for Handmade Production? 410
what is the impact of bank garantee of rs 100000 on cash flow statement which has been expired...& impact on bank reconcilation statement 162
how there face in lvbank interview 237
What is the working formula for Working Capital Turnover 190
to attend interview for real estate company accounts 239
what is the step in preparing the schedule of audit? can someone explain for me? 126
cash credit taken from bank then what is the general entry? 119
i want know central excise duty codes with cess? 130
is indian bank or canara bank CBS brach? 137
for giving the salary in terms of cash to an employee for what minimum amount revenue stamp is reqired to paste the vouceher? up to what limited revenue stamp is required? 436
What was key roles of Cashflow statement and Fund flow statement and Balnsheet..? 198
Short Answer on __________written Down value 145
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