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Hi I would like to know what is journal entry for buying securities with Margin Trading I mean 50% of cost is paid by broker. 2nd question is when we withdraw extra money from the balance we have in bank account which means our balance become (-) what is journal entry for that, should I just credit the bank or should I put the extra money with-drawled as a liability account ? Thank you in advance!    0  5
What is the difference between accrual    0  5
How to treat TDS on salary in book of Accounts?    0  9
what is the salary of accounts assistant ( Fresher ) in lokmanya multipurpose co-operative  society ltd ?    0  7
Company purchase software what is the journal entry or software a/c under which department in tally    0  10
Can you tell me entry tax will be applicable on Spectacles purchase from u s a      0  6
What is mean by assets    1  20
please advice example of any single journal entry which include all 3 accounts i.e personal, real & Nominal a/c.    0  14
Under which group in airtel a/c ledger    0  8
Mention all examples of Assets and Liabilities in a Balance Sheet?    1  18
what is opening brs in tally    0  13
difference between rent office rent    1  17
If my Basic Salary is Rs.23000/- than what is the tax impact on it ie PF,ESIC,PT & TDS with calculation.  and also if i had received only 9mth salary.      1  24
How to calculate basic price, whether excise duty is 14.42, cess 2%,education tax 1%    1  17
how to do finalisation account ,pls tell me step by step ?    0  21
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Un-Answered Questions
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what type of questions are asking for fund administration??? 549
ten example of direct income 193
where is applicable WCT & what is limitation for applicable it on company. 122
i want the difference p&l a/c and Income and expediture statement 201
what is capital account? how to manage it? what is the process? 205
what is the path of insurance calculation? 370
Journalize the Following: 2. Monthly credit sales were $ 35,000 3. Received Cash receipt payments on Receivables in the amount of $ 10,000. 4. Customers’ cheque in the amount of $ 100 bounces and was re-deposited. Book both entries. 5. Material is bought on account for £ 100,000. The exchange rate is Four pounds to One Dollar. Then, later, merchandize is paid for. The exchange rate is Five pounds to One Dollar. Book both entries in Dollar when merchandize is bought and when it was paid. 6. Materials worth $ 20,000 was purchased on account and paid for with 1% discount. Book both entries. 7. Record the purchase of Direct Material on Account in the amount of $ 20,000. Half of it was for stock and the other half for a specific job order. 8. Record the disbursement of $ 1,000 raw material to shop floor for use on specific job 227
EXPAND___________LST 147
what is cc limit and what role accountant play to maintain it? 162
legal accounting methods to reduce profit of a partnership firm so as to reduce the tax liability? 543
I am a registered dealer under tnvat act 2006. I do not have CST number. But, i purchase imported liquor from new delhi. shall i get c form for reduced rate of CST? 18
what is t code of all expences general legder? 178
If we want to do online PT registration it starts from 2007-08. But our firm started 2005-06. What is the procedure? Manually we have to submit the documents. Can any one let me know. 161
contents of an invoice receipt? difference b/w statutory audit & internal audit? Where the bank book and the cash book will not reconcile? difference b/w income & expenditure a/c & p/l a/c? what is ERP? what is full form & the application of SAP? Why income statement prepared? What are the reasons where Balance sheet will not tally? How do you calculated Closing stock in the trading a/c? When will the cash book have a Credit balance? Why do you prepare p/l appropriation a/c? What are the 4 difference b/w public and private company? What do you mean by Contingent liability? Explain: Accrual Concept 1. Realisation concept? 2. Accounting concept? 366
Can anybody tell me how much salary m show in my resume for expection for the next job m graduate 2year accounts experience? 168
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