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My Books of Accounts started from January 2013, I have opening Bank Balance Rs.1000/- Owner says this amount paid by one client in December 2012 appear in bank statement What is Accounting entry for the Accounting 2013 ?      0  2
in accounting process there is summerizing. what is sumarizing? and an relevant example of summarizing?    1  4
What and How to compute an unsecured balances?    0  6
when the ABC's personal bank to to his business bank money transferred(paid) then how to pass the entry.    0  4
 A firm pays commission to its manager @10%on profits arrived at after charging such commission.What will be the amount of commission if the profits before charging such commission is Rupee 22,000?    0  7
what is journal entry for the credit sales and purchases    1  13
Credit balance of suspense A/c will be shown in    0  8
The main objective of preparing a 'journal' is    0  9
what is meant by ratio analasis    0  9
how to Pass Paid salary ESI & EPF ,TDS entry In tally    1  11
what single discount is to2 successive discount of 10%& 15%    0  15
record the following transaction in the various books of accounts F Black loan us $5000 paid by cheque.    0  17
what is nature of bills receivabe AC     0  13
Discuss the factors to be considered by the auditor in order to determine an audit strategy.    0  12
What are the basic steps to be taken by an auditor in order to express an opinion on client’s financial statements.    0  16
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Un-Answered Questions
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A computer purchased for the use of Branch & payment would be made by company. What would be the entry in the books of Branch ? 136
We R doing Yarn Dyeing by purchasing in India & exporting to Overseas, We can purchase the yarn against form H ? 96
What is the Procedure of Import & Export 119
formula of reduction in tax credit of vat form 201(gujarat) 661
Is there any method not to deduct TDS on Provisons? 274
sale cycle 131
how to create salary and pf statement in excel sheet? 135
please send me last 3 years question & solution 157
What are the probable interviwe questions in SBI clerical interview ? I am having my interview on 30th april. 173
Can you help me to pass the journal entry for work in progress for a construction company? I would like to know the debit and credit for W.I.P will be under in which accounts head. Eg: debit will be in current asset a/c head, and credit will be under in which a/c in P&L? whether under purchase a/c head, or under direct income a/c head? please give me the details. Thanks for your previous answer? 262
please explain the uses of internate protocol address(ip add)? 178
I am working in footwear company at Himachal Pradesh. we want to send raw material - (leather) for Job work our other branch. now my question is that will have we any permission taken from excise & sale tax deppt. 830
Expand-------CSNA 120
Assuming that a firm pays tax at a 50 per cent rate, compute the after tax cost of capital in the following cases: I. A 8.5 % preference share sold at par. II. A perpetual bond sold at par, coupon rate of interest being 7 per cent III. A ten year, 8 percent, Rs.1000 par bond sold at Rs.950 less 4 percent underwriting commission. 420
how intangible assets are entered in B/s. plz send me the answer of this question in my 178
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