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bill amount 30000 how to charge tds as sec 194c    1  5
Basing on what we can made TDS payment    0  4
A sole trader run a business, and he takes every month fixed salary, he says this salary should not be affect in profit and loss a/c, he wants this salary transfer to his capital a/c, means he wants increased his capital - My question is as per the accounting system is it possible?      0  5
Our company is in manufacturing stage and we had paid advance payment to several suppliers for some construction purposes. As manufacturing stage I want to treat it as Capital work in progress.So kindly advise how can we pass the entries for the same.    0  7
how to show Income receivable in tally erp-9.    2  9
What do you mean by pecuniary transaction?    1  13
Treatment of Government grant and its utilization in P    0  7
Ramu started business with rs 1000000.give me journal entry. plz explain brefily    0  12
what is apply SI post    0  11
Who is debtor purchaser    0  11
What is Cenvat     0  12
Hi sir, Our appointed one agent for sales promotion activities. This agent doing the job "canvas of our product". My quires 1)it is eligible for service tax and how to accounted. 2) this transaction is direct expenses or direct expenses? Pl suggest me    0  9
the bank returned S meyer cheque for R450. the cheque has been dishounerd because of insufficient funds, discount of R50 was allowed the account was settled    0  11
adams a debtor for R600 had been declared insolvent and part of his debts has to be written off. The attorneys informed you that an amount of 25c in the rand will be paid and the rest must be written off    0  9
circumstances in dissolution of solvent and insolvent partner in garner v/s murray rule    0  10
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Un-Answered Questions
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I have an S Corporation called Trend Foods Inc. I would like to make a division of that company that services computers and call that Trend Computer Service. I do not want to set up another Corporation for Trend Computer Service. Can I just make a division of Trend Foods and what paperwork do I need to fill out to make that happen? Thanks for the help, Jim 399
Distinguish capital and revenue expenditure 312
Is it correct to covered fesibility report expenses and survey expenses in pre-operative exepenses ? 244
What is the value of the Budget for 2009-10 313
Clasify capital 244
i want the difference p&l a/c and Income and expediture statement 358
i have need full detail of tds rules and forms submitted dovetails 370
Accounting transactions are recorded in accordance with thier legal form or substance. Briefly explain the legal form and substance of the accounting transactions and give one relevant example. 390
as muthoot finance is a finance co,so what would be pattern of asking in relation to finance and a/c question?will it be basic or general or it would be market related situation?plz if help me anybody... 566
what is subscription order 352
hai everybody... wish u all the best for those who got selected in sbi associate bank is anyone from coimbatore region attending on 27th may 2009. 380
can you define exogenity endogenity both terms are from economics both are different from exogenous & endogenous variables. I can not find the answers. please help if you can.... 341
company accounts introduction? 874
Hi,Friends, I have a simple question in my mind that I have one head office that in faridabad and other branch in delhi,i purchase material in delhi for availing the tax benefit in delhi then i transfer the same material to head office(faribabad) agianst "F" form,i purchased material in delhi basic price rs. 5 +.42 taxes it comes rs. 5.42/-,my question is on which amount i should transfer the material from delhi to faridabad i.e 5,5.42 or 5 + freight(if any).kindly please solve my problem. 202
• What is depreciation and the method? 252
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