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Is tmb is nationalized bank?    0  2
I am a Leaving Cert Student. From Solutions to exam questions etc. I know what to do with the following adjustment but I cannot explain why. A thypical Adjustment is: A building is acquired for €60000 plus VAT at 10%. The amount paid to the Vendor was entered in the Buildings Account. No entry made in the VAT account. Could you explain why the VAT amount is deducted from the VAT amount in the TB? And why it is sometimes an Asset in the BS. Thank you, Mary    0  26
advance received from customer what is the general entry    3  81
How do I pass entries towards advance paid to program ependiture. ex: Rs.20000 advance paid to Program officer. and he come back with program expenses venue Rs.1000, food expenses Rs.10000 and travel Rs.4000 and accommodation Rs.6000. Kindly give me the answer that how do I pass the entries and how should I adjust advance.    2  44
the amount of tds is remain same shall will be deducted by deductor or deductee    1  50
why tds is considered as asset    0  30
i forgot to deduct tds in Contractor non corporate in july 15 so what should i do now? Please Suggest.    1  63
I forgot to deduct TDS on individual contractor and Exceed amount 70000 so what should to do?    1  45
what is the difference between tds tax code and tds tax type in sap fi    0  23
where outstanding debts being Rs 48000 and 20% considered to write off . pass jounal entry.    1  93
Machinary worth Rs 2000 and sold to Rs 1200. Bought new one Rs 4000 and carige inwards Rs 5 How many amount trafer to Capital a/c?    1  95
what is the treatment for employee contribution and employer contribution in in pf in accounts under which head??    0  49
does all exp and all incomes appear in profit and loss a/c???    2  138
how can i put entries for stock replacement in zero values    1  123
List of Indian accounting standards and international financial reporting standards    0  49
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Un-Answered Questions
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if i have a educational loan on my name, can i show for tax exemption on current year income tax? Is it applicable for tax exemption (educational loan) 415
what is your opinion regarding T.V shows on youth 632
plz send me the accounting questions and answers of bank of america. 289
what is the difference b/w deferred tax exp and defeered tax liab? should Deffered Tax expense be deducted b4 computing Net profit? 381
How much is the tax & surcharge % against d-1 form. on cement,steel,electrical item,RMC, 915
what are procedure we need to do at the time ACTO VISIT FOR AUDIT OF VAT . 464
Assigning natural account to accounting seg. What will happen 398
What is the difference between payable and accrual 264
Under the provisions of the BST Act, no registered dealer is allowed to collect any amount by way of tax in excess of the amount of tax payable by him. Excess tax collected is to be forfeited to Government. However i want to know whether tax payable amount is the amount before the set off claimed or the tax payable amount after availing the set off. 368
Who to create a budget on software company 480
Whether C Form can be issued for the transactions that made 5-6 years back? What are the procedures? 581
Hi,  Can somebody help me to know whether WCT MVAt is applicable on catering service, if the caterer is uses his own material and labour for doing cooking in our premises and later the product is sold in the same premises for the employees. Kinldy advice whether WCT will be deducted on this. 158
How use Budget in SAP, i want to see the report of variant between budget and actuals. 303
fill in the Blanks Share Holders in Company have _____________Liability 284
outstanding expenses, prepaid or unexpired expenses 1259
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