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kindly advise me any set off in excise duty in maharashtra    0  2
on which product vat 14.5% applicable in maharashtra    0  4
in year end Balance sheet current liabilities is showing negative balance of re.-1/- how to write off the negative figure? pls help..    0  6
where is entry done in tally of cheque bounce ???? Journal, Payment, Receipt, Contra    0  5
selling price = shs. 200, variable overhead-selling per unit= shs 80, variable production cost per unit = shs 60, fixed selling cost = 2,840,000. the production capacity of the project is 200,000 units. required P/V ratio, BEP and margin of safety    0  8
Received intrest Rs.50 on advanve income-tax paid.    0  7
goods with drawn by proprietor for household expenses    1  13
If Seller invoice is within the state and material loaded from other state and deliver within the state then the C Form required or not if required than seller arrange the c Form or Purchaser    1  15
How do we calculate the cost of investment?    0  13
while making payment for our Forein supplier against import. wheather we have to deduct TDS while remitting payment towards his bills.    1  20
Is banks deduct TDS for my Fixed deposits? if yes what is calculations done per lakh.    0  14
Will out standing expenses falls under preliminary expenses in balance sheet are not    0  20
what is revenue recognition rule, and can you specify the answer.    0  12
what are your plans after completing your MBA (or) studies ?    0  14
what do you mean by accounting (or) why accounting ? ( generally we have to speak about our achivements and goals)    0  10
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Un-Answered Questions
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Purchase Goods worth rs.1000/ icluding vat of rs 40/ & Service charge receive 1000/ including service charge rs 123.60/ What will be entry in Tally? Please Define me? 287
what is buy bach shares? 335
All Interview related Questions pertaining to General Ledger,Finance & Accounts. 1091
i wanna p.y tax assistant exam question paper Please send this as earlier as. 444
How to group the companies in tally? 387
At the time of death of a partner, firm gets ________ from the insurance company against the Joint Life Policy taken jointly for all the partners. (a) Policy Amount. (b) Surrender Value. (c) Policy Value for the dead partner and Surrender Value for the rest. (d) Surrender Value for all the partners. 163
what is the circle of tds and its rate chart 2691
hi i m an mba finance fresher. i need an oppurtunity to grew up my life ambitions. please tell me what are the sources to fulfill it. i got distinction in mba finance in the andhra university campus..please suggest me or show me a way to get an oppurtunity in your companies 253
Tell About ur self what will i say plz help me 510
how to calculate and submit to the concerned authority of pf,esi,pt. explaine? 874
kindly advise me any set off in excise duty in maharashtra 2
How P/E ratio usefull to the different people? 381
business sepsarate entity concepts 260
1.recivable and payble,tds,esi 323
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