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to write test cases for fuel guage?    0  7
what is difference between software tester and quality analyst, in fact can anyone tell me what is role and responsibility for software tester,quality analyst,software quality assurance tester,test engineer,test lead,Quality Assurance manager. Quality Control Senior/junior Tester Quality Assurance Automation engineer. Quality Assurance Manual tester. Quality assurance test analyst.      0  8
List of Test Management Tools??Is Quality Center Test Management tools    0  6
what is the meaning of Field Level Validation & Form Level Validation??    0  7
1.Write a CRITICAL test cases for calculator ? 2.What is the difference b/w FRS and SRS documents ? 3.What is Component ? 4.What is object ? 5.what is the difference b/w static and dynamic descriptive programming ?    0  8
Write the test cases for credit card accessing the money transfer    0  15
Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time    0  12
What is Concurrency Testing?    1  12
Which testing is called as "confidence Testing"?    0  12
Write the test cases for file transfer from one user to other from Google Drive/drop box?    0  8
Events are generated, but the script is not generating? Why?    0  9
What is SoketLevelData? And Its purpose?    0  8
I have one Scenario login then bookcoffee then logout explain test plan for above scenario?    0  10
How to write Web_custom_request?    0  9
What is Standard deviation? How it will use in Lr?    0  11
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is different command used in command Prompt while using QTP? 511
How will you edit a baseline file of a verification point? 608
Can any one tell me about "Mapping Repository Parameter Values" and why we use it....??How to use it???Please, tell the preconditions also...........???? Thanks in Advance 498
i need test cases for defect maganement tools 453
I used child objects to get the no of weblist present in the i need to select the items present in each weblist ?How to do so 722
how will load the object during runtime? 410
I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format. Hence, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: 407
give me the code to save all messages of inbox of gmail into a folder and notepad 497
What is the exactly use of webserver and Application server in Load Runner. 391
What is memory leak and defect leak? Is there any harness testing? If yes, please explain? 433
List the considerations in developing testing methodology 2305
hi this is ashok , i never worked in medical domain , can any one pls send me with proper exaple pls Question is while emergency or normal patitent enter into hospital he entered his first and last name and he enter emergency coloumn , write test case on these , 340
How enviornment veriable can be included into my script. I want to include some information into my Excel file using Test run in WR. like User name of system? waht is function to be used? Please clarify..... 536
I want to read XML file loaded in Quality center and compare the values with the values displayed in Application (web table).How can I do that 313
Questions for role of a QC engineer at NDS,Bangalore 1st round is written 20 questions on aptitude and 10 question on testing Aptitude--problems on time and distance,tap problem,ages,time and work,probability, Testing 1.Difference Between QA & QC 2.Any 4 types of SDLC models with diagram. Also Pros and cons of each model 3.What is application Testing And embedded testing 4.Qualities of a good tester 5.Test cases for registering user. One field for user name,2 fields for password,"ok" and "cancel" button 6.What is a bug,explain Bug life cycle 7.Difference between priority and severity? 8.Some question on software design 2291
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