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Work flow in testing in your company?    0  9
Explain BVP    0  26
write test case for banking application    0  31
What is build and patch?    1  75
Amounts not dispatch in ATM what are all scenario to test?    1  121
what are the types of android applications?    0  34
What is Test Design ?( Urgent) and Test Design for Printer?    0  32
Is it Mandatory to use "ECP" & "BVA" Techniques for "LOGIN" Page???,Can any one tell me the correct answer ?,If Yes then why?    0  44
How to handle the encrypted values in correlation. please send me example with explanation    0  46
what is accessibility testing?    1  158
what is integration testing and end to end testing?    1  117
how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value    0  28
how to handle the dynamic left and right boundaries are numeric    0  37
what is product backlog...    0  52
what types of testing you perform ?    1  133
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Un-Answered Questions
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If a button named "CLICK" is recorded in low level recording mode , what will be the values stored for "name" property of that button in object repository ? 705
How to add verification steps to tests? 5955
Hi.. I want to do parametrization for selecting perticular flighr say XYZ by using local table: criteria: 1.If flight is available msgbox "Flight is available" and then select flight from flight table and click to ok button after that as enter username and ticket no and then stop 2. otherwise msgbox " Flight is not available" and stop Please help me out ..and let me know your responses on Regard, Dipak 470
when i run start senario for different process it always completed at elapsed time 6.32 sec. i don't understand why it happens.. can we set elapsed time ? plz answer.... 399
Hello everyone! I am just writing a small test for a windows application. I have a problem with a text output value. The value i am trying to catch is presented in a scrollable textbox. When the text is too long, only a portion of it gets captured. Do you have any experience with this? 1021
few automation basic questions One question to write a scriot in any language you know. 544
If I have written the test cases for Login window . If one new field is added to login window then steps of test case changed in the next build. my question is that should I make change in the steps of previous test case or write another test case with new steps? 384
you are recording on "WINDOW 1", say it has a link if you click on that, that leads you to "WINDOW 2". If you do any manipulations on "WINDOW 2" that are automatically updated in to "WINDOW 1". But "WINDOW 1" is currently invisible. But the updations in "WINDOW 1" must also be recorded as a script in QTP. The best Example is if you update your resume in JOB STREET portal it actually happens in other window, but the previous window is automatically updated. Now does QTP help you in this types of situations? Any body can answer this question. please..... Siva 521
what are the utilities and drivers 716
What should QA require of Development? 2017
How can i use virtual objects? If have i created one new virtual object in a virtual object manager by following instructions. 417
what is vmodel?advantages and disadvantages of vmodel? 520
what approach do you folllow in writing test cases? 453
After recording the script, run the script , error not occured. but after doing correlation for the sam script the following error occured in replay log, Please do the needful Action.c(202): Found resource " NIELSEN-LOADRUNNER/images/ERROR.GIF" in HTML " LOADRUNNER/wfErrorApplication.aspx" [MsgId: MMSG-26659] 734
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