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7) Diabetes is recessive. A) If woman has diabetes and marries a man that doesn’t have it, is it possible for their offspring to acquire this disease? A A Aa Aa Aa Aa a a genotypes Phenotype 100% Aa, Heterozygous 100% No diabetes B) If none of the father’s ancestors had ever had diabetes, would their children have a chage of getting the disease? Explain    0  14
what are genes    3  1122
Among the population size of 500, 50 of 150 heterozygous individuals showing polydoctily. Then what is the penetrance of that population    1  833
How will you differentiate alleles of a gene in the double strand of DNA?    0  623
What is the chemical composition of gene?    0  465
sir/ma'm im doing my msc in concern that can go for phd in genetics? and how?? plz help me in this..thank you    0  377
bakit magkakaiba ng mukha ang tao    0  1167
What is the artificial synthesis of DNA?    2  1321
why a blind girl{blind from birth} child develops early puberty?    1  1938
which protein contains all the 20 amino acids?    1  685
Why was rii locus chosen by Benzer for his experiment?    0  2256
The three stop codons UAG, UAA, UGA do not code for any proteins. then why does the start codon AUG code for a protein, i.e, methionine?    1  3191
who was the father of genetic engineering    9  6255
• Is male child having more genital sequence as of father or mother?    3  1777
Does a person diagnosed with turner syndrome have trouble hearing? please reply if you have this syndrome or know someone who does.    0  724
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the benefits/risks when company traditional and genetically engineered breeding? 645
Is Recombination in Human Mitochondrial DNA really possible? 662
what are the genetical reasons behind obesity? 960
Does unwinding DNA cause aging? 645
In mice colored coat is dominant to albinism. Sniffles, a male mouse with a colored coat is mated to Esmeralda, an alluring albino. The resulting litter of six young all had colored fur. The next time around Esmeralda was mated with Whiskers, who was the same color as Sniffles; some of this litter were white. a)What are the probable genotypes of Sniffles, Esmeralda, and Whiskers? b) If a male of the 1st litterwas mated to a colored female of the 2nd litter, what phenotypic ratio might be expected among the offspring? c)What would be the expected results if a male of the 1st litter was mated to an albino from the 2nd? 1069
what is the connection between a chromatid and a replicated DNA molecule? 587
How is Genetic Engineering currently used? 728
how to Create population with sufficient genetic diversity ? 633
Does a person diagnosed with turner syndrome have trouble hearing? please reply if you have this syndrome or know someone who does. 724
Is There any way in which a currently living could be mutated in reality to such a large scale as to which others could see the mutation, such as a third arm? 616
Suppose you are heterozygous for a mutant beta-thalassemia allele. If the frequency of beta-thalassemia is 1/1600 persons, what is the probabilty that your prospective spouse is heterozygous for a mutant beta-thalassemia allele? 573
In hogs a gene that produces a white belt around the animal's body is dominant over its allele for a uniform body. Another independent dominant gene produces fusion of the hoof (syndactyly). Suppose a uniformly colored hog homozygous for syndactyly is mated with a normal footed hog homozygous for the belted character. What would be the phenotype of the F1? If the F1's interbreed, what would be the phenotypic ratio of the F2? 1960
Is Genetic Engineering worth the cost and effort? 850
Is Jurassic Park -- Completely impossible? 684
What is the chemical composition of gene? 465
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