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what are genes    2  1029
Among the population size of 500, 50 of 150 heterozygous individuals showing polydoctily. Then what is the penetrance of that population    1  772
How will you differentiate alleles of a gene in the double strand of DNA?    0  579
What is the chemical composition of gene?    0  429
sir/ma'm im doing my msc in concern that can go for phd in genetics? and how?? plz help me in this..thank you    0  348
bakit magkakaiba ng mukha ang tao    0  1128
What is the artificial synthesis of DNA?    2  1246
why a blind girl{blind from birth} child develops early puberty?    0  1854
which protein contains all the 20 amino acids?    0  623
Why was rii locus chosen by Benzer for his experiment?    0  2159
The three stop codons UAG, UAA, UGA do not code for any proteins. then why does the start codon AUG code for a protein, i.e, methionine?    1  3082
who was the father of genetic engineering    9  5956
• Is male child having more genital sequence as of father or mother?    2  1716
Does a person diagnosed with turner syndrome have trouble hearing? please reply if you have this syndrome or know someone who does.    0  696
how was highschool like for a person diagnosed with turner's syndrome? and really difficult subjects?    0  620
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the dangers of Genetically Engineered foods? 466
what are the genetical reasons behind obesity? 943
In sesame, the one-pod condition (P) is dominant to the three-pod condition (p), and normal leaf (L) is dominant over wrinkled leaf (l). The two characters are inherited independently. Determine the genotypes and phenotypes of the two plants which produce the following progeny: 318 one- pod normal, 98 one-pod wrinkled, 323 three-pod normal and 104 three-pod wrinkled. 2080
what is the connection between a chromatid and a replicated DNA molecule? 579
A blastomere was removed from an 8-cell human embryo, and its beta-globin gene was amplified by PCR. The beta-globin DNA was treated with an enzyme that cuts on either side of and within the normal allele (producing a small fragment), but not within the sickle cell allele (producing a large fragment). Electrophoresis of the treated DNA from the blastomere demonstrated the presence of both a large and small fragment derived from the beta-globin genes. How should you interpret this test? 477
what is virgin sex? 1289
what happens in Postmeiotic segregation? 629
How DNA is being Transplanted? 605
which protein contains all the 20 amino acids? 623
what is Avian flu threat? what are its symptoms? 503
what is the role of Beta-lactamase in Gene Cloning ? 711
Flower position, stem length, and seed shape were three traits that were studied by Mendel. Each is controlled by an independently assorting gene. If a plant that is heterozygous for all three traits was allowed to self- fertilize, what proportion of the offspring would be expected to show all three dominant phenotypes? 2054
What information can genetic testing provide? 697
In horses coat color is dependent upon genes as follows: A_B_ results in bay, aaB_ in black, A_bb in chestnut, aabb in liver. In addition, palimino is derived by Dd with chestnut. A palimono stallion (DdAAbb) is crossed with a palimino mare (DdAAbb). What percent of the offspring will be palimino? 436
How to construct Genetic Code? 562
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