Genetics Interview Questions
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which chemical substance is generally used to obtain polyploids?

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what is the difference between test cross and back cross?

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what is the difference between back cross and test cross?

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Is Haemophilia a sex linked disease?how?

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normally on which plants generally genetic studies are being made?

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What is genetic testing?

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What information can genetic testing provide?

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What are genetic disorders?

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Suppose a father of blood type B and a mother of blood type O have a child of type O. What are the chances that their next child will be blood type O? Type B? Type A? Type AB?

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what are the 3 different types of point or gene mutations?

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what is the difference between nullisomic and double monosomic?

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what is the approximate number of genes in the human being according to human genome project?

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what is the recently discovered sps of monkey in arunachalpradesh?

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what is allopatric population?

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what is klinefelter's syndrome?

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In horses coat color is dependent upon genes as follows: A_B_ results in bay, aaB_ in black, A_bb in chestnut, aabb in liver. In addition, palimino is derived by Dd with chestnut. A palimono stallion (DdAAbb) is crossed with a palimino mare (DdAAbb). What percent of the offspring will be palimino?


How can all organisms share the same 4 bases DNA and still be so diverse?


Has vitamin c been produced in a human naturally before?


Promoters of housekeeping genes contain variable numbers of GC boxes, but neither TATA nor CCAAT boxes.Inwhat way these properties of housekeeping promoters are helpful?


What is the function of BCSP31gene of Brucella organism?


Is Genetic engineering the best of solution?


Why do we age?


How DNA is being Transplanted?


Does unwinding DNA cause aging?


A blastomere was removed from an 8-cell human embryo, and its beta-globin gene was amplified by PCR. The beta-globin DNA was treated with an enzyme that cuts on either side of and within the normal allele (producing a small fragment), but not within the sickle cell allele (producing a large fragment). Electrophoresis of the treated DNA from the blastomere demonstrated the presence of both a large and small fragment derived from the beta-globin genes. How should you interpret this test?


What situations might be viewed as ethical uses of human cloning? Are you doubtful, fearful, or hopeful about human cloning?


Cystic fibrosis (CF) occurs with a frequency of about 1/2500 Caucasian newborns and is inherited as an autosomal recessive. A woman had an older sister die from complications of this disease. CF is not present among relatives of her husband. Both the woman and her husband have normal phenotypes. What is the chance this couple will have a CF child


cancer cells have their dna wound back wards, is that true?


was math a subject in high school of difficulty for a person diagnosed with turner's syndrome?


Explain in terms of gene product function how a mutant allele can be dominant? recessive?