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What is difrance between 0. 1 & 0. 10    0  5
Why 6 tablets are used in dissolution and DT test ?Is there any specific reason behind it ?    0  54
Why 3 validation ¬†batches charge in stability ?is there any specific reason for 3 ?    0  30
Why and when RRF is required to be known in RS Method? How is it helpful during method development?    0  90
Why and When RRF is necessary in RS method? How it is helpful in method development?    0  51
What is dead volume ? If any impurity elutes before dead volume time what we can do ?    1  106
what type of lubricant oil should be apply on idle machine& storage of dies punch? What type of oil used on punch barrel?    1  252
If we get 100% assay of an Initial sample ,and the stability studies of the same sample got 90% dissolution result, and when the same stability sample was analyzed for RS studies no impurities was found . Where the 10% Active substance were gone during dissolution analysis.Please help me in getting the conclusion.    0  91
how the qualification of pharma can help in banking    0  124
Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration check¬†    0  1062
difference between related substances and purity?    0  459
difference between RF and correction factor?    0  456
what is the calculation for getting the tablet weight and the punch size, Eg..if there is a 8/32 punch then how to measure tablet weight????    0  2271
how many deviation allowed    0  490
Whhat is the justification for stability study in api missed stations through deviations and statistical analysis is required.    0  1631
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Un-Answered Questions
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why we have to use particular buffer only for dissolution. 810
why an employee go for medical representative instead of quality? 512
You will be required to interact with patients. Tell us about your previous experience with patients and how did you deal with the experience. 549
Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration check  1062
What is the composition of a C18 column? 308
what is the cut of mark for Drugs inspector result 2001 by UPSC 415
What should be the LOD of dry syrup? 1693
In dissolution test why sample is withdrawn from top of the paddle and not less than 1 cm away from wall? 553
What is the difference of vacuum pressure and vapor pressure? 1979
What do you mean by MACO? 1020
how the qualification of pharma can help in banking 124
if calibration of 12 bowl dissolution apparatus does not meet a single stage procedure how you can proceed calibration 508
when will andhara pradesh government announces drug inspector posts and when will be the exam conducted? please inform me.. 726
Hi, I am studying Bpharmacy final year. 1)I want to interview questions for facing basic interview.please help me to provide model papers for all pharma companies and give ur valuable suggestions also. 2)Send me important links for BPharmacy interviews. 3)How should i prepare for facing interview,please give me suggestion. My email 847
plzzz..send me the pevious papers of drug inspector for uppsc....i.l b highly oblige 415
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