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what is the difference between compost and fym    0  335
write a program that will sort the given five numbers in ascending order using (bubble sort)(selection sort)    0  322
how do we know that seed is albuminous or exalbuminous?    0  593
who is the first noble prize ricever in main indian    2  814
Who earns more money in Belize A horticulturist or an agronomist?    1  894
what is the scientific process of cultivetion of medicinal plant like safed musli and seena for indian climate.? punjab-national-bank   0  515
what will be effct on plant if we apply urea 2 to 3 times of it's requirement.ask in iffco AGT interview iffco   6  2258
what is artificial chromosome construction    1  962
water from osmosis plant can it will be used for agriculture?    1  823
How to increase the yield twice in a year in the mango garden?    0  900
what is the cause of water pollution in rural areas?    2  4094
Hai everyone, Iam Manju, I have been called for writing Agriculture Graduate trainee exam in IFFCO... Iam a B.Sc Agriculture graduate... Can anyone say what are the duties of Ag.Graduate trainee and also about IFFCO.. I need to know about that... Please help me... iffco   1  1301
what is light pollution?    2  918
I have done Bsc - Ag and then PGPABM ie Agribusiness Management from MANAGE ( AICTE recognised institute) . Can I write NET entrance and be eligible for teaching at any of the State Agricultural Universities. Can the MBA be treated as equal to Msc-Ag and can I pursue Phd.    2  1080
is there any exam for scholarship in IARI or ICAR like NET if yes when it will held and also tell the availability of no detail is given on the web site    2  1678
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Un-Answered Questions
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Is there any sign of larvae or mature insects with the naked eyes? 333
Is there another way to get the same genetic trait expressed in corn without the risk of being spread to other organism? 366
In what order of insects would you find hamuli? 244
Pyriproxifen, buprofezon, fenoxycarb, triflumuron, and diflubenzuron belong to what general class of insecticides? 348
John Henry Comstock's taxonomic specialty was with what family if insects? 238
Is there a strong biological relationshop between corn and milkweed? 346
Do needles appear to be mottled, turning yellow to brown? 328
What popular journal did C. V. Riley and B. D. Walsh begin in 1868? 360
Is there any sign of larvae or mature insects with the naked eyes? 366
What are the potential risks to non-target orgranisms fo genetically engineered crops? 362
Is it better, to kill the black alkali in the soil with gypsum, just to scatter it over an alkalied spot or to plow the soil first and then use the gypsum if you are going to sow alfalfa? 376
In what order of insects would you find hamuli? 294
What popular journal did C. V. Riley and B. D. Walsh begin in 1868? 323
Are the bites toxic? If toxic, what kind of symptoms are manifested from the bite? 242
Where is the tympanum located in the family Tettigoniidae? 269
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