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Explain about nucleophilic, electrophilic and free radical substitutions? bombay-tablet   1  1233
Give the structure of the product obtained when benzene is acylated with succinic anhydride in the presence of AlCl3?    2  2105
What are acounting Pi electron's?    0  267
How you caluculate sensitivity and selectivity of Blast?    2  2479
Suppose you used the NCBI Blast server to look for a match to a fruit-fly gene. Suppose further that the best alignment contained this section of an alignment: Hit from database: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXNFSTSQ user sequence: SLEAEAAPASISPSNFSSSQ What do the Xs signify? infosys   4  1813
If a match from a sequence database search is reported to have an E-value of 0.0, should it be considered highly insignificant or highly significant?    3  1098
Which of the following sequences contains the pattern [AG]-x (4)-G-K-[ST] from the PROSITE database? seq. A: VAGWGKST seq B: GVLKRGKS seq. C: AGVLKGRT seq. D: AGVGKSTP    5  1328
Bootstrap analysis evaluates evolutionary trees by sampling columns from the original alignment with replacement (multiplying or removing some of them) and computing a proportion of times that a particular branch appears in the resulting trees. What is the main idea behind this approach?    0  443
What is the main idea of maximum parsimony in phylogenetic tree construction? What are the drawbacks?    2  1970
What are the main approaches of predicting protein interactions using genomic context analysis?    1  848
What are the main signals used for gene finding in prokaryotic genomes? How are these signals introduced into the search algorithms?    1  681
Why are some people born with Rh-positive blood while others are born with Rh-negative blood    1  1041
People who can roll their tongues contain a dominant allele for tongue rolling. If people do not contain the tongue rolling gene, then they cannot roll their tongue no matter how hard they try. Consider the following situation: If a homozygous dominant tongue roller mates with a homozygous recessive non-tongue roller, then what is the probability of the offspring inheriting the tongue rolling gene?    2  4145
The gene for tallness (T) is dominant over the gene for shortness (t) in pea plants. A homozygous dominant pea plant is crossed with a heterozygous pea plant, and 200 seeds are produced. Approximately how many of these seeds can be expected to produce plants that are homozygous dominant?    3  2039
For each of the following, state whether it is a gamete or a genotype of an individual a) TT b) Tg c) IcCC d) TW    2  634
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What should i do after completing my in Pure microbiology ? plz tell me i am very confuse about my carrier. 15
Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions? 398
What is the role of bark in a plant? 269
Explain the evolution of plants? 242
How does fertilizers can be made? 209
what is Sphere cells suspension culture ? 392
what is purpose of slow,medium,fast sampling in process validation ? 556
What is perceptual constancy ?why it is biologically important? 352
what is the Source for GFP cells for transplantation? 302
Explain how a system of chemical reactions can be represented as ODEs and PDEs? 328
why you are become a medical representative 295
Explain the filamentous structure of Rhizopus? 263
Explain the Standard curves for transfections? 228
What is Voltage Dip? why it is required for Generator Sizing? 329
Principle of single pan analytical balance 651
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