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Complex BOM Scenario with Condition type and copying control    2  802
we have a ods in process chain and the ods activation is taking long time how will u optimize the activation process. cap-gemini   1  1035
can we create house for multiple company codes?is it possible to pay cross company code payments? if why please give me answer. thanks for advance tcs   0  161
After transferring of data from flat file to application server i found that it is showing wrong data .Say i had currency in flat file as 1000.00 USD. After transferring i found it is showing as 100.000 in the application server. How will you handle this case? thomson-reuters   1  1024
i faced one question. when new configuration we do what is the logic behind there?    0  113
what is configuration and customization in detail with examples-ramesh    3  402
what is functional specs in sap sd and also gap analysis csc   2  1917
When will the order fully settlement? wipro   3  1533
what is functional specs in sap sd. I want it detail with examples. and also gap analysis. wipro   0  275
how many blocks can create in a ALV BLOCK LIST in ABAP?    2  1222
what is the table to find out roles for which profile are not genarated and genarated.I mean to say table to find the roles in which the authorization tab is green and roles in which authorization tab is red.    1  1228
What is the use of sort key?    2  789
we use ovs to provide search help values..but why we use freely programming for search what situation we have to use freely programming and ovs? tcs   0  632
I have advance payment scenario where customer want advance payment cannot be used against another sales order and against any credit limit. Let me put one example. Customer X is having credit limit of 1000 USD, if my client is received customized product order then he will take advance for this special order but customer X is already enjoying credit limit of 1000 USD. In this scenario my client wants advance payment received cannot use against any sales order and against any credit limit. If I will post advance payment in F-29 then customer credit exposure will decrease against credit limit in FD32 which will affect normal sales order credit limit. Here customer does not want to utilize advance payment against credit limit of customer which is use for normal sales order. Please suggest ibm   0  237
what is the use of parked,recurring and sample document? hcl   2  1202
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is 3 tire architecture and how does SAP utilizes this architecture. and how do netweaver came into picture? 274
How transfer of requirement takes pplace? 135
In the `select' statement what is group by ? 136
Hi, Give me some scenario's where we use gap and how we use gap in sap fico. 244
What are Pull and Push Methods? 262
how bw was found 167
How to configure the functionality of agent that gets commission on the order brought for other customer? 182
What is the issued with V3 updates prior to PI 2002? 319
what is the difference between hashed & sorted internal tables? 162
Please also send me details about CRM 5 and CRM 7 security issues and scenarios. 612
any 1 having notes on SAP-ABAP certification, or even if any 1 could provide the url for getting notes on SAP-ABAP certification, would be appreciated. 632
could you plz help me understanding or give an example about the accounting treatment "journal entry" in MM business cycle at the following : 1- When goods receipt 2- when MODVAT are Captured 3- Invoice varification 4- vendor payment and please how i could revers an entry when material is rejected thanks 30
1What is the difference between calendar and planner? 2. What is WBS element? 234
What all steps are involved in creating planning groups and planning levels in cash management? What changes does it bring? 268
Hi, Cansomeone please send the system refresh doc , it's very urgent for me. Thanks in advance. 164
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