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How to clear Trial Balance from a Inactive Company Code in SAP? No Operation being performed in it and no more tranasctions happening in this Company code but there is an outstanding trieal balance in this ccod). loreal   1  761
what is country and operational chart of account..? why do use group chart of account?    1  629
what are the segment of gl master record ?    3  772
can one coa be assigned to several companies..?    3  528
what is sub ledger.? how is it linked to gl?    3  779
what is internal and external number ranges.    2  488
what is open line item management..? what do you mean by clearing open line item..?    4  778
what does filed status group assigned to a gl master record controls..?    3  510
how do you control field status of gl master records and from where do you control .    2  496
what is reconciliation account can you directly enter document in that a/c?    2  522
what account group and what does it control.    3  424
what is chart of account and how many chart of accounts can be assigned to a company?    2  423
what is field status group what does it control.    2  378
what is posting key and what does it control.    2  492
what is document type and what does it control..?    2  366
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Un-Answered Questions
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in material sub stution when we sell the sub stute material with main item price it will display the list of materials with main price or only one substute material is substuted automatically in first senario i practed it will display the list of materials but price taking it's oown 2 case substute item is picking main item price but it is possible for only one substute item only.may question is it possible to display list of material case 2?thanking you in advance 118
What are all the major issues you faced during implementation ? 455
How do you use print settings? 292
what is the configuration steps of letter of credit? 350
Hi Experts, Have you worked on IDOC’s? Can you list out important t-codes in IDOC’s and their brief explanation for what they are used for in general and specific t-codes which are useful for SAP SD Module? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards 158
How do find the SNOTE? 181
What are Pull and Push Methods? 265
HELLO, I have a doubt in FI Asset Accounting. On 01.04.2010 I capitalized the asset (Furniture & Fixture) and purchase on 01.04.2010  (Document date & Posting Date) worth Rs.10000/-  (ASSET Acquisition Value) , I charged depreciation 10% up to 6 months with WDV method. After 6 month the value of asset is Rs.9500/-. Now I want to sell the asset of Rs.9000. When I done the same instead of showing the loss on sale of asset of Rs.500/-, its showing Rs. 1000/- on loss on sell of asset. WHY SO…… PLEASE SUGGEST I AM CONFUSED, IS THERE SOMETHING MISSING IN CLIEN 800? OR IT MY MISTAKE IN G/L ASSIGNING IN T.CODE: AO90 177
How do you send the output of a script as an email attachment 182
what is the company fixed ovh and shop fixed ovh ? bikash 9931538682 287
How we Provided Security design, configuration, and support for SAP Enterprise Portals 163
What is end user training 10
How do you Export a session ? 148
I am getting the (first) page number and the remaining records displayed in another list in another page BUT the PAGE Number is not displayed? What is the code/solution? 165
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