SAP Interview Questions
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what are the reports u have generated with help of ABAP?


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Tell me the tool ur company is using for support?


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How u used to get tickets?


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Tell process of ticket flow from client side to you?


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what are the statuses?


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If it is development(service request),what is the purpose?

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In realization what will do?


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what are the deliverables in ur blue print?


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what are the issues u have faced in integration testing?


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what are the issues u have faced in training?


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what is value SAP

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what is cut over strategy?


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What is the difference between the stock transfer between, two plants belonging to same company code and those belonging to different company code?

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What are the steps in automatic account assignment config.

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How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?

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can any one send me the real time interview questions and tockets in sap fico ,my mailid is


how to genernate 21 sencondary index


Hi Experts, In Revenue Account Determination What is the need for us to copy as SAP Standard Condition Types Revenue Account Determination Types KOFI and access sequence KOFI and Revenue Account Determination Procedure KOFI00? What is the rationale behind / logic to copy SAP std for condition types, access sequence ,revenue account determination procedure and account keys as we can use it as it is from SAP standard? I have been asked this question in an interview? Please answer to this question asap....


what are the extractions made in a sap bw project using lo cockpit extraction in mm and sd and fi?what is the requirement and name them?


what is the difference b/w 4.7EE & ECC5.0?


How to do SAP R/3 Security configuration, design, development, testing, implementation and production support.


1. what are the steps for gathering requirements in business blue print? 2. if we doesnt meet user requirements in a standard universe then what will we do? give me a scenario for developing a universe based on standard universe? 3.give me some standard universes which u have worked earlier? 4.give me some classes, objects which u have worked so far? u have ever created custom classes, objects? give me scenario? 6.have u ever exported the universe? y u have exported give me a scenario for exporting ? 7.which s prefferable for reporting either Webi or CR? give me a scenario for each one at what time u gone to webi and CR? can we schedule the reports daily, weekly, monthly ? 9.give me a scenario for LOV , slice & dice, drill, cross tab, variables, breaks, alerters, ranking? 10. what are roles in ur current project? 11. give me a senario for creating xcelcius?


What are the steps in creating screen ?


Hi Experts, recently i have been facing the questions from Intercompany sales configuration, internet sales orders,Shipment cost configuration, EDI orders......i hv been facing about configuration setting dey r asking my humble request u guys pls post d required setting from a-z stepbystep...i know littlebit bt not verysure about the output so am expecting from urs.........dont forget to tell stepby step verythankful if u can guys help me out dis..


Hi Sridhar, Have seen your comments on, it would be a great help for me if you can send me collection of real time SAP CRM Interview Questions and authentic business blueprint. Please mail me Interview Questions Related to SAP CRM Marketing,Sales and CIC) please help me out ASAP My mail id


What is the difference between on change of field and at new field events?


Adjustment posting problem :- F.5E >> Business area adjustment transaction Hello, the Adjustments of the Empty BA with transaction F.5E does not work properly. We make the Adjustments manually. Could you, please, check and advise ? Thanks, Rachit


What is the ?$? as an authorization value?


What is bonded warehouse and explain about the usage.


how to Create reports in SD module such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status, shipping details and partner function details. The data will be extracted from VBAP, VBPA, VBAK, VBUP, VBFA, KNA1, LIPS, VBRP, MARA, VBEP and KONV tables. plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul