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Hi Gurus, I have 250 records in an internal table, tell me how to randomly delete the each 5th record...i,e 5,10,15,20 like this. accenture   2  1465
iam done billing document in sales order is not cost object the billing entry is not genearated the error is foreign trade data missing    0  189
Hi friends. This is Ramesh. I have a doubt. In which stage we can collet the data from client. Is it from project preparation stage or from business blue print stage. Pls reply me. Thanks in advance. Ramesh wipro   2  699
Hi friends I am Ramesh. I have a doubt. From Which stage we gathered data(as is study) from client. In project preparation stage or from Business blue print stage    3  314
in iam entered in F-02 Posting than eraise a problem , company code cannot assined country to pls give an answer..    1  520
How to display dynamic logo's in Smartforms? i mean to say different logo's on different pages? cap-gemini   2  2224
Dear Community Members, Could you please help me in solving a urgent problem ? Below is details:- On client side working on SAP GUI print setting in Billing printed copy are problematic...( The problem regarding the improper arrangement of Numerical figures in Excise Invoices )....for your knowledge for easying the problem solution:- 1. from other system when print given the print is ok 2. there is no problem in printer 3. Also reinstalled SAP GUI but of no use As per me, final solution will be re-install the windows ? any other efficient solutions to the problem ? hpl   1  274
I am into pharma sales for last 7 years . I have heard that there is a scope forpeople like us in SAP SD functional area.. can you help me how to go ahead for this and what type of preparation do i need to take ?    3  352
what is the difference b/w heuristic and optimizer in apo snp?    0  534
Please Help... i'm freshers just have 3 months web development training..still jobless question is ...what is the future after completing SAP ABAP module, IS SAP cartification from seimens is good for freshers like Me, IS there are job surity after investing 3.5 lack    2  446
what is the exact code that shoud be implimented in sap note wipro   0  203
If I am having material today and also i can deliver today itself why cant I go for cash sale (BV) rather than normal sales order (OR) mind-tree   4  1258
What happen when u save cash sale and what are the postings done after saving it (which GL account will be updated) mind-tree   3  943
I have created a customer with Account group XXXX and also done some transactions till billing, now I want to change the account group from XXXX to YYYY. How can I change and what about the transactions already happened? mind-tree   3  1237
I receive 5 orders from customer. Irrespective of Value or quantity, first 3 orders get discount. From 4th order onwards no discount. How to do this? ntt-data   1  1313
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the restrictions DB connect? 405
How to get the recordmode D or A in changelog table when we delete or add records in DSO? 1252
1.why dont use top of page. wat is the use? 2. wat is sub screen? 3. why u select the session method in bdc ? how many records wil be updated on that time? 4.why dont use start form in script? 5.wat is difference b/w dilldown and interactive report? 6. wat is pf status interactine report? 224
hi what is the difference between sap apo technical and functional? 434
What is the unit test and how will you done this unit test? What r the results did you get? 387
why do we maintain conditions in the step Assign deduction rule to counting rule, hoe it will effect the absence and overtime? 593
I want to create a depreciation key for a asset of 5 yrs, straight line method and in the first year it should post only 50% of the depreciation (if Rs 1000 is the actual depreciation amount it should post only Rs 500) and from the next year onwards it should post as normal, that is full depreciation amount. 319
What are the steps to load non cumulative cube? 380
what are the wagetypes you are currently working for Indian payroll? List them? 344
please tell the process or step for cash management with transaction code. 212
What are the steps to create new tax category? 119
Hi gurus, what is the critcal issue that you have faced during the support project? how did you resolve this issue. explain in step by step process/ kindly suggest me how to answer this question? 195
How do you work with semi colon se[arated files in BDC ? 141
1)Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these? 2)In production what is the user exit? 3)What type of user exits have you written? 4)Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes 5)On which even we can validate the input fields in module progams? 6)what are the table controls in BDC ? 7)what is the difference between bdc and lsmw ? 8) If the scripts are client dependent, what above driver program ? (client dependent / independent) 9). I have two pages, In one page I want address, Header, Main & footer. In the second page I want only Main. How to do it? 10) Will 50,000 records be uploaded directly into APP's Server? 11) What is the button to change the variant in ALV ? 12) If your project is support project ? when is your implementation has completed ? 13)In start of selection, if we perform validation, what happens ? 12)How to join 3 tallies & looping. We have developed a program in a client say (200- client) and 210 has test data. No developing rights. How to test data? 13)How to transfer data which is coming from are report as output to another report 14)How to create standard text and how do u transfer it ? 15)What are the views when we are creating Material ? 349
what is difference between (internal table types)standard table and sorted table in sap abap.... 277
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