SAP Interview Questions
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What is automatic payment programmer? What are all the steps to configure it?

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What are all the settings you need to do before running the automatic payment?

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What is dunning? What is dunning level..? How many dunning levels can be configured?


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What is asset class? What are depreciation areas?


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What is asset master?

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What is integration between FI and other modules?


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How do you need to have integration with SD and MM modules?

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tell me Journal entries passed in system from the time of good receipt to payment.

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What is GR/IR account? Why do you maintain that? Explain the importance of GR/IR clearing account.

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tell me the procedure of purchase (need to explain from Purchase requisition till payment), and tell me when and what entries do you pass?

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What is business area? Can you assign it to a company?

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What are financial versions?

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Depreciation Keys?

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How due date of a document is calculated?

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What is special purpose ledger?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP }

What is rowlevel security ? can u please explain with real time example?


what is copa cycle ?


does the Tcode EWZ5 exist in ECC6?I'm using NW2004S SR2 abap engine and EWZ5 doesn't exist in in that case what is the alternative to EWZ5?to see the list of users present in a client but not necessarily logged in and to to lock or unlock them? Thanks.


In initial project resources how can u distribute 1 crore amount among various modules like FI,CO,HR,PP,MM,SA,ABAP & BASIS etc.


what is use of mechanical


Through CTS how we come to know the Role?


explain any tickets you faces in support and how you solved it?


In which table failed user login attempts will be there?


any one can tell me which is the tables can store in ddic plese dont say db02l,please give me different ways of resideing the tables ?


How will you add buttons to a template?


What are the steps involved in SAP Security upgradation projects and also in SAP security impletation projects


Hi, Can any one tell me the authorization objects for SOD


How you will configure Medical Expense Exemption in payroll?


Where does TDS codes maintain and which fields are updated for TDS calculation for invoice/Advance


What is the purpose of text item in item category?, How and why is it being used