SAP Interview Questions
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What is automatic payment programmer? What are all the steps to configure it?

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What are all the settings you need to do before running the automatic payment?

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What is dunning? What is dunning level..? How many dunning levels can be configured?


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What is asset class? What are depreciation areas?


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What is asset master?

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What is integration between FI and other modules?


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How do you need to have integration with SD and MM modules?

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tell me Journal entries passed in system from the time of good receipt to payment.

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What is GR/IR account? Why do you maintain that? Explain the importance of GR/IR clearing account.

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tell me the procedure of purchase (need to explain from Purchase requisition till payment), and tell me when and what entries do you pass?

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What is business area? Can you assign it to a company?

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What are financial versions?

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Depreciation Keys?

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How due date of a document is calculated?

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What is special purpose ledger?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP }

Hi Experts, can any one let me know the Tables which we use for compliance calibrator & Access enforcer of grc and please let me know the background jobs of grc, Please it's urgent so please answer as soon as possible to these questions , I really appreciate your help, Thanks karunakar


How to change the package of a SAP Script ?


How u will give new authorizations?


What are the combined tests?


Tell bom header level & component level


What is Matrix


Hi SD Gurus, What is the difference between the Consignment Fill up (CF) & Consignment Pick up (CP) with relation to Sales Document Types, item Categories & Schedule line Categories? Also give definition of both Consignment Fill Up & Consignment Pick Up along with detailed explanation in relation to its configuration& customization steps along with Business Scenarios? Explain in detail about how do you copy an existing Sales Document type CF & CP, how do you name it ( Plz give Name key from your real time data)and what are the customizations you have done for your client? Do provide the document flow for both the Document Types CF & CP? Please provide as many real time data examples as many as possible with reference to your client/ Project? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards


how to delte g/l if transaction are updated. :- hi expertise how to delete the g/l a/c if the transaction are updated in. whether any possibility to delete. let me know. thanks in advance


Kindly pls give me brief explanation about SAP SD CIN to under stand the basics & not give the entire configuration part it would be higly appreciated if some one help me at the earliest, regards, Srinu


Q.Explain ERMS? Q. What is coupning?


How are security issues debugged?


what are all the questions covered in "profiles related concepts " please let me know ?


How it will work the proxies?


In realtime do we configure ALE systems or Administator will take care of that?


What is authorization processing type?