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Difference between stand alone CRM and back-end CRM    0  2451
How can I configure that no one can change/update condition type..once the sales order is saved    3  7553
I have created one sales order with std Item Category TAN..Later I went to Va02 and changed the item category TAS and saved the same sales order...Now I want to know what happened to earlier data ie.. TAN ?    3  4649
when ever i create sales order the pricing condition is not coming automatically. The discount condition types like k004,k005,k007 are comes automatically,but pr00 is not coming automatically i entered manually. What could be the reason. Pls explaine me anybady. Thank you in advance. Regards, Ramesh.    4  4064
What is the difference between ECC 6.0 and 6.4    0  932
If Customer credit limit exceeds it's blocked for order i don't want send output to that customer how you configured?    2  5938
what is the use of routines?    3  1222
error msg no-f.5071 in down payment. what would be the entry for clearing this open f-44..?    0  1579
what are the tools you are using for performance tuning in a object?    2  9608
what are your daily activities as a bo supporter?    0  545
How can we explain our project in interview panel?    0  668
in sm51 server status ,when we used passive status ? ,can we change passive 2 active , if yes then how ?     2  4353
difference between composite role and derived role    1  4668
dear sd guru's..i am srikanth fico training sd-fi..i getting error's in outbound delivery ..vl248&vl461..i could not go for billing& icoming payment..i saw to solve those error message's from goolgle.but i could'nt solve...please give me solution in clearly...please sir's..!    0  506
Hi, I don't understand what is use of GAP Analysis in Business Process. Plz send me all the details of GAP Analysis Document and its related examples. Regards, Ashok Mail ID:    1  3162
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is compatable and incompaltable bojects? plz ssend to my mail i need a declinations and example thanks in advance.............. 418
What is Matrix 475
What are sequence, parallel, overlapping, splitting and where can we assign these 206
What is the purpose of webdisptcher and Installing and configuring Web Dispatcher what are the prerequisites? 594
Hello sap tech gurus, please see if you can answer my questons with real life expreiences. 1. Explain me your expreience in customizing with Intercompany Billing? 2. give an example of unit testing and integration testing you have performed in your expreience? 3. While working with Copy control functionality, what exactly did you do within data transfer routines? Please answer any question or all questions possible. Thank you veryyy much in advance!!!. my email is 1419
What is the read mode in generic navigation block web item- read mode specifies 487
In Intercompnay Billing scenario, Does Idocs get posted as we delivery is done from other plant and also the Intercompnay billing happens in the prcess. Though we have the same ERP system i.e. SAP only for all transactions. 897
when i post a billing document for free goods how can i exclude for a line item (cost element type 1),not to create a profitability segment but only a cost center thanks in advance 507
wt is difference between user group and reference user group? 656
How to resolve Computationa and Multivalue errors? 59
what is beta report 448
In TOR, what are requiremeny class and requirement type? Give a brief explanation. 1815
Tell me about your EDI/IDOC experience? 499
Hi guy.. i have to face an interview in a couple of day.. so can you please give me some good and tough question on abap. 232
For REM the settings are dependent or normal? 1009
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