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what are the 16 fields in pricing procedure. what is rebate agreement. what is condition class. what is calculation type. what are effects of PGI. what is third party processing and what are the pre- requisites. what is the sales process. what are the organizational units of sales and distribution. yash-technologies   4  740
What is a posting block? yash-technologies   2  561
what is difference between capital project and customer project in period-end closing kpit   2  922
what is the asset transfer date? please tel me any one tcs   3  1383
hi all. I want to know the sd-fi and sd-mm integration in detail as per real time. Pls tell me with examples anybody. Help me. Thanks in advance. Riyaz    2  367
Hi I am srinivas. I trained sap sd course. I know all transaction codes and tables as per bookish knowledge. But I don't know which t-codes and tables we use in real time. So i want to know the t-codes and tables in real time. pls help me. Thank u. Srinivas    0  135
what is role of sd consultant in ale idocs? hp   0  267
Hi friends. What is GTS(Global trade service)? What is its future. What is the market for GTS in current situation? Pls tell me as soon as posible. Thanks in advance    0  196
hi what is the difference between sap apo technical and functional? accenture   0  445
which is the best institute to lesrn SAP.APO? WHAT IS THE MARKET FOR APO?    0  181
what is the difference between sap apo and sas? apo and scm apo? wipro   0  262
how do we get list of users who are having mail-id’s in SU01 (Address tab)    4  1687
a cost element is used for some cost center but only in some case like discount allowed particular internal order should be picked? can any one help me?    0  167
What are the questions we need while we go company for analysis to implementation SAP? What we need to know generally? How can we define we need abab for improvement?    0  192
What is the difference between a client & customer in a SAP BI Project?? Is it same?    0  622
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the purpose of text item in item category?, How and why is it being used 102
What are the system tools you can use? 309
Can you restart the conversion? 306
when does a list get sent to the screen on the presentation layer? 244
For REM the settings are dependent or normal? 279
BDC program to migrate data to SAP R/3 database. The data will be uploaded using transaction ME11. (Session Method) plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul 316
What is phantom item & sub contracting 8
what is the difference between hashed & sorted internal tables? 172
I have Two cubes one is SD cube and one is customized cube.There are 2 Data sources called SD Data Source and Billing Data Source.I want to Load SD Data to SD Cube and Billing Data to Billing Cube.I want to Look up some Data from SD Cube to Billing Cube.How do i Look up the data? 397
What are the data target administration tasks? 385
How do you perform budget structuring and take care of budget overrun issues in Funds management? What is the configuration and what are the T codes that are used? 294
Why we execute SGEN, which Tables it modifies,will it cause DB growth? is it possible to execute SGEN later on after Golive? 671
Tell me a complex situation in your work life which you have encountered either in SAP SDImplemenation or Support Project and how you faced that situation?Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance 230
How to call transaction in session method without recording? 268
Overlapping and splitting, where do you assign? 8
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