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pls suggest me a good institute for SAP-MM in Hyderabad    16  20354
What is the difference between the Positive time recording and negative time recording in time evaluation? tcs   3  4121
I have blocked the Vendor Invoices in SAP at the time of preparing them in F-43 but when I have tried to Unblock them in FBL1N then system is just showing them they are blocked and not giving me the option to unbleck them. please help me out?    1  4781
We have created 9 COA for 9 co. codes and for the 10th Co. Code we have created the country COA and we have to assign all co. codes to one group Co. How can we configure this?    4  2491
We have 4 Co. Codes in India out of which one is Indian Head Office, 4 Co. Codes in US out of which one co. code is head office US and 5 Co. Codes in France and one out of which is head office there. Now, company wants that reports of India can be collectivily seen and maintaned and same with others. They also want the consolidated reports of all the three countries. How can I configure it plz?    1  1539
I have maintained several in the system but when I want to select one of them so that it gets deducted from the entry in F-02. How can it be deducted as I am not getting any option to select one of the W.Tax that have been configured?    2  1366
How can I prioritize the vendors without using the account groups and how can I pay them via F110. We want to pay esteemed customers first, then less esteemed customers and then normal customers.    3  2187
open item mgt a/c are all the balance sheet a/c but all balance sheet a/c are not are all openitem mgt plz explain? plz send the mail id keane-india-ltd   0  426
what iss document spliting? keane-india-ltd   3  2794
differnce between the 4.7& 6.0 keane-india-ltd   1  2399
how to caluculate income tax depriciation and depriciation ? what does the acts? keane-india-ltd   1  2305
What is the relationship between CATS and Time management Can we use both at a time for recording timesheet honeywell   2  4431
Is it mandatory to make all the users log off while applying add-ons and s-notes as it is in the case of support packs?    3  2355
In select-options,how to make high as madatory.....?if we use obligatory we'll get the low as madatory by default? patni   6  8563
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Un-Answered Questions
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1.challanges in project? 2} landscape of project?3}How schdule line determined? 3}whst is shelf life exp? 4}fields to be maintained in Material master for TOR & availabil check.? 5}Third party business process,if 100 order 90 del by third how to bill for 90 how to configre this ?6} what is the tax procedure used in project? 7}account assignment done ?8}whatis alt cal type ? 9} How many pricing procedure you used? 10}What is condition exclusion group & exclusion indicator ?difference bet rush order & cash order? 533
Hi, Give me some scenario's where we use gap and how we use gap in sap fico. 571
what mean ny cut over activities, p/l, b/s amount how will update 484
What is upgrade process? And how u will do that? 98
what is poll interval & availability time planning? 41
If i want to configure the partner determination for sales manager and general manager, if the sales manager is business partner in sales order he should only give 5% discount and general manager should can give 10% discount. how could i configure this ?? 484
wt is difference between user group and reference user group? 670
What are the general services supported? 422
what are the problems you faced in MRP? 193
Hi All, Q) How do we test the Report Results in BO web intelligence(3.1 version). Let me explain my question clearly. my Data Source is Orcle on top of dis i made one universe with some tables later i created a query with some objects like Country,Year,Revenue in webi, so now i ll get some reults right,so now how would i know whether i m getting accurate results from data base or not ?(i dont hav any filters,restrictions on universe) If anybody know d process please expalin me. 204
Trouble4 shooting , handiling issues with different level of priorties 526
What are the challenges you have faced in Payroll 1204
What are step loops? How do you program page down page up in step loops? 367
which is best institute in ameerpet hyderbad 711
What is the licensing requirement you should be aware of? 502
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