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R/3 extraction failed - recovery procedure? R/3 extraction is running from past 2 years. Suddenly it failed since 5 days and again today it is running fine. But how i do get data loaded to cube for failed loads? What are the procedures that can be followed? cap-gemini   0  302
what are the pre requisites for BI content installation? cap-gemini   1  976
R/3 extraction failed - recovery procedure? cap-gemini   2  1287
What is Noted item?.... what is the difference between Noted item and Special GL transaction?    2  1700
how credit control area will get determined    5  1174
What is sort key and how it controls? zensar   3  1915
1. I want to create an installment method payment term whereby my customer pays 50% as Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days. How to configure the 50% advance payment term in OBB8 as system does not take negative days say -1 . I have created Z100 as 50% Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days, Z101 as 50% Adv Pyt and Z102 as 50% Net 45 days in OBB8 and then assigned the same in OBB9 to Z100, 1, 50%, Z101 and Z100, 2, 50%, Z102. But the payment terms Z101 should be having -1 days instead of 0 days. How to configure this or achieve the payment term of advance payment? 2. My purpose is that during FB70, I should get a warning message that advance payment has not yet been received for this customer having this installment payment term Z100. It should not let me post the invoice unless 50% adv pyt has been received. At present we are not using Down Payment functionality. But I assume that without the Down Payment functionality the same cannot be achieved. Please confirm this. How can I achieve the above requirements? 3.Dear Group - Our Purchasing Dept has asked me to create a new payment term with the following terms: "Payable 90% upon delivery, 60 days net, 10% upon acceptance, 60 days net". So when we receive the invoice, we get a 10% discount off the total price, due within 60 days. The balance is due 60 days after that. Any ideas on how I would configure this using transaction OBB8. IT IS VERY URGENT FOR ME KINDLY SEND ME THE ANSWER ON MY    0  829
Hi SAP experts...I am new to CO and i am learning it by installing SAP in my own system...can any body advice me how to start with CO, like which one i configure first and then next steps. it will be very helpful to me if somebody advice. Thanks, Rajendran.    0  172
One of the user logged into Production System, changed a table and then logged out. How will you track him? infosys   2  2140
As per your process, Lets say someone asked you access for SAP_ALL and you got approval from the business head to assign but you did not get approval from the Security head. In this case, what will you do? infosys   1  1178
Can we make the delivery from the 2 different plants of the same items? how? ibm   3  2075
can any body tell what is idoc archieving and how to do that accenture   2  1401
Difference between full life cycle implementation and end to end implementation.    2  2683
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Could you please suggest the best institute WITH BEST FAULTYfor SAP MM in BANGALORE? 599
Where is the Cost come from to CO-PA ? 111
What are Business Partner Conversions? How would you perform Business Partner Conversions and why are they necessary? Discuss Business partner conversions on the SAP Treasury side? Explain the scenario in detail? 261
What is the component monitoring? 256
what is a multiprovider? what are the uses and in which case supposed to be use? difference between bi7.0/bw3.5? 407
How do you resend the messages? 280
Dear HR. i really request you please suggest me a right Institutes where i can learn SAP FI CO and other module plse send me mail on 179
What is the process to enhance the Infotype 480
How it will work the proxies? 279
How to configure Intercompany stock transfer?How to configure make to order sales?Plz help me. 1711
What is the diffrence between Abstract Class and an Interface in OOABAP. 1863
As an SAP SD consultant how did you integrate/interact with MM and FI/CO? 106
Hi Team, Could you please send me list of interview question on Base Customization, Sales and Services. My mail id is Awaiting to hear from you. Thanks in advance. 275
where do we store all custom programs in SD module? 833
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