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What is the procedure of Make to order configuration. Plz answer me, Thanks in advance.    0  438
What is the procedure of Backorder processing, Plz explain me.    5  2400
How can we do collective delivery/collective billing?    1  3207
How to configure OR/DEL/BILLING block and how to cancel/release those blocks.    2  7679
How can we configure Availability check and Transfer of Requirements in the system? I just want to know the process.Thanks in advance.    1  2786
Recently in an Interview I have faced a question that "In SAP-SD, what is the Landscape of your project? Please help me, thanks in advance. ibm   5  2701
How can we configure Input Tax in SD?    0  670
What are the complex reports you developed in Business Objects.Please tell me 3 reports you developed and the complexity you faced and the solution mind-tree   0  2323
can we delete the Billing transaction? cap-gemini   2  2750
Name 5 custom objects that dont start with Z or Y ? wipro   7  5821
What is the use of "Usage" field in the item category determination? please any one kindly give me the answer? cap-gemini   4  4586
What is the use of condition type field in pricing procedure determination? What happened if I enter K004 rather PR00? Please any one kindly give the answer? cap-gemini   3  5356
Revenue account determination kpit   5  5190
SORT RULE IN BATCH MGMT kpit   1  1284
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the settings for Reporting? 609
how we Restrict the auth groups for table maintain, creating Auth group using SE54 to built new Auth groups to restrict tables via auth object S_TABU_DIS 479
B -Credit Note report Selection Screen Ranges: Creation date Sales Org Sold to Party Selection condition: Document Category – VBTYP should be ‘O’ Table to be used: VBRK, VBRP,VBPA,ADRC List the CR order types or credit billing type by customer number (or selected customer) and displays the: - Billing Document date (FKDAT) - Customer number (KUNRG) - Name of the reseller (on top of the SAP No) (NAME1) - Billing document number,(VBELN) - order reason (AUGRU_AUFT) - Amount (NETWR) - Currency (WAERK) Group Currency wise, billing type wise sum of Net value. When user double click on field ‘Billing Document #’ , display the document in VF03 Do this using OO ABAP. 731
What is accrual calculation? 490
Can i Have Some Realtime Examples On Modulepool programming. 2789
Hi everybody, This is Srinu,recently i got selected for a small comapny with sap b1 but i was new to the technology.I knew,,Sql server 2005.My question is what are the pre-required knowledge to learn SAP B1 please suggest me. Thanks & Regards. 453
what is settlement profile...when i m doing varient configuration i am facing this problem while creating sales order plz explain me...... 1142
hi, these r the ques asked by tcs.. 1.what do sap hr consultants do in 5phases of asap methodology? how u did documentation? 2.Tables you come across in payroll process?n after copying wagetypes in which table they get stored?n table for indirect valuation? 3.wht r the steps u followed to create dynamic actions? wht r the dynamic actions u created? u do exemptions in indian payroll? 5.wht is igmod? wht is the use of it? 6.where u save payroll results? u do evaluation path? dont say the configuration path..say the process.. 8.wht configuration u did in OM in implementation? 9.wht r the steps to do hiring action? n on how many actions u have worked?how u configured all those things? 2661
wat is the difference between A-gate & W-gate?where are they used? 421
data:zxyz type xyz. where xyz is a standard sap structure where it contains data type fields and line type (refer to other structure) fields. my question is how to assign values to field zxyz-str-matnr where str is a structure inside xyz structure. 701
What is pi sheet 304
if user forgets to post to FI after payroll...can he post at will he go about it 1212
how can you do consignment in inter company sales? 63
How Systems post value in Gl Account at the time of Goods received, Invoice received means what is the System Configuration or tell me the FI-MM Configuration? 706
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