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How manny master idocs 10 recievers of same data? siemens   3  1071
hi experts i have a questin please answer me :why we given x2 for sample document and also given x1 for recuring document,x for retained earnings please help me above faq ibm   3  947
What is the different between Company and Company Code? tcs   3  1013
hi,how can i view g/l a/c balances without cheking line item check box in fsoo?how many ways we can view balances of g/l a/c line items without checking line item boxes.    2  452
Could you please let me know the exact step by step process for the following Questions. 1.How to get the E-Mail address for 100 users at a time. 2.While Creating BW roles what are the Authorization Objects we will use. 3.While Creating Single role what will be happened in the functional side, when entered the Template role in the derived role tab. 4.when we changed the password for more users(for example:100 users) where the password will be stored or from where you can Re-Collect the password and how will you Communicate the password to all users at a time. 5.What is Virsa? Once you entered in to the screen what it will perform. 6.What is the use of SU24 & SM24. 7.While Creating BW roles what are the Authorization Objects we will use. 8.While Creating Single role what will be happened in the functional side, when you entered the Template role in the derived role tab. 9.What is Dialog users, Batch users and Communicate users. What is the use with Communicate user. 10.Can we add one Composite role in to another Composite role at any urgent user requests or in normal user requests. 11.In Transport what type of Request we will use.Why don't we use Workbench request in transport. 12.When we added Authorization Object in Template role, at the same time what will be happen in Derived role. 13.How to Check Profile parameter. And how to find whether any transport has ended with error and where we can check. 14.How to Extract users list like who didn't login since 3 months. And In 90 Days user Locking in which table we will use. 15.What is OSS Connection and System Opening and why we have to open these. 16.What will have in one single role and how many prifiles will be in one sap cua system. 17.What is the difference between Template role & Derive role. infosys   3  3245
can anyone please explain the main difference betweeen campaign management and trade promotion and the purpose of there usage. sap-labs   1  432
After creation of schema procedure ,In vendor master i assigned the vendor scema in Puchasing view.Then i creted a PIR and assigned the condtions and saved.Then in ME12 when i have deleted those condtions,Net price field in Info Record became empty with greyout.if i want to retain my previous Net price value How should i proceed????In FSG for ME12 optional entry is checked.Plz guide me. wipro   2  1094
Kindly pls give me brief explanation about SAP SD CIN to under stand the basics & not give the entire configuration part it would be higly appreciated if some one help me at the earliest, regards, Srinu    0  573
how does company knows that vendor deliver the goods to the customer in third party sales process ibm   4  1984
Hi, can any post the sap entries sap-labs   1  893
can some body give me some idea on integrations of sd and sap crm service    0  145
how will u handle multiple line items in a table control? logica-cmg   4  1576
how will you go for row level locking of a z table hp   2  2018
I want to learn SAP PM. Can anyone tell me the sequence. I mean the topics in sequence. I have the material    0  502
Hi, Could you please explain the ASAP methodology? Thanks in Advance, PRS tcs   4  1274
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What MRP does with Capacity overload 394
What are the steps to load non cumulative cube? 385
how to do system refresh?not the client copy but the-standard-system-refresh. 260
How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load balancing? 5
How to check Kernel, tp versions? 3
What is High value sale? 236
Checkdigit example 383
When you compressed multiple requests, how would you know which had ?marker update? enabled or not? 177
best institute for warehouse management course 277
Splitting of production order & product version 10
hi my name is amit i have passed BE(CSE) with honours(72%) in 2006 yr. i have completed SAP/ABAP training with good exposer. i need a staffing company which can provide me real time exposer in SAP R/3. so plz help me out and send any information regarding on my mail id or tele. no. 9999784331 thanks 240
Under Data Transfer Portion of ABAP, what do you mean by DX Project 469
What is the default web template used in report? 314
What is application builder? 213
I want to learn SAP-FSCM, for past 6 months iam searching for best trainer or tutor in Hyderabad. who can teach SAP-FSCM (Treasury & Risk management) My Request to all any one who known about best faculty. Please share. Thanks. 57
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