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What is the principal of particle size analyzer?brief explain instrumentation?    0  68
why single injection in related substance & dissolution but why not in assay ?    0  86
what are Threats    0  72
Why are use KF reagent to measure water content & why not any other reagent?    1  311
Why 6 tablets are used in dissolution and DT test ?Is there any specific reason behind it ?    0  648
What is dead volume ? If any impurity elutes before dead volume time what we can do ?    1  727
Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration checkĀ     0  1412
what are the GLP activities to be followed for Oncology products    0  984
What is carry over limit in related substance method.    1  1430
Why mineral oil or light liquid paraffin is used for ir analysis    0  1622
What diffrence between reviewed by and Checked By alembic   1  5504
why assay test and loss on drying test should be performed on same day during raw material analysis?? glenmark   1  1559
Introduce your self    1  2196
why we have to use particular buffer only for dissolution. dha   0  1032
why we have to use particular buffer only for dissolution instead of using cheap buffer. hetero   0  991
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Un-Answered Questions
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why we are performing linearity test for assay and rs? 695
What is the principal of particle size analyzer?brief explain instrumentation? 68
what would be the easiest way to make this compound, into something else, measurements please. (Lithopone, Sodium Fomate, Zinc Oxide, Soda ash 610
Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration check  1412
If you are given a territory and a list of physicians to call on .How would you organise and prioritise your schedule? 759
what are Threats 72
can any one give me the question bank for Lab Technician to appear for my HAAD exam . Please send me the Qs. my mail Id is Please help. thks. 718
In HPLC- wavelength calibration calculation why we are taking peak height and why should not take peak area? 866
How do you think you would get a physician to switch to drug? 1962
hey gyes,ve done B.SC Micro n double graduation in biochemistry, n M.Sc in MLT=PARAMEDICAL, means studied all the subjects like micro,biochem,patho,bloodbank,hematology..everything n done DISSERTATION IN CYTOGENETICS n now m looking 4 a job in banglore in some research anybody can help me to find a job..pls reply email id is 1489
what is your perception of a typical day for a pharmaseutical representative? 803
if drug batch rejected in pharma industry thn what techniques are made to clear the batch? 1031
Is there any method for calibration of HPLC ( linier gradient calibration) 873
i am doing a dissolution test then what is the rsd criteria for the six results obtained after calculation?is there any reference in any guideline for rsd criteria? 1214
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