Lab Technicians Interview Questions
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name the instrument which is used for counting rbc?

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what is the incubation period for the disease mumps and what is the causal organism?

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what is the total salt content of blood plasma?

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what is the normal count of WBC per ml of blood?

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what are arboviruses?

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what are elisa tests and pcr tests?

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what r chrithidial forms of leishmania donovani?


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what is the difference between plasma and serum?

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which disease occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin "D"?what r its symptoms?

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How do you think you would get a physician to switch to drug?


what do you think is the most challenging aspect of a pharmaseutical representative?


what is your perception of a typical day for a pharmaseutical representative?



If you are given a territory and a list of physicians to call on .How would you organise and prioritise your schedule?


What preventive measures should be taken for Malaria, Influenza, Cholera ?

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What ate the causes and cure of : (a) Malaria (b) Tentanus (c) Scurvy

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Why mineral oil or light liquid paraffin is used for ir analysis


Why 6 tablets are used in dissolution and DT test ?Is there any specific reason behind it ?


i am doing a dissolution test then what is the rsd criteria for the six results obtained after calculation?is there any reference in any guideline for rsd criteria?


what is the range of ftir as per usfda?


Is there any method for calibration of HPLC ( linier gradient calibration)


why we have to use particular buffer only for dissolution.


Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration checkĀ 


can any one give me the question bank for Lab Technician to appear for my HAAD exam . Please send me the Qs. my mail Id is Please help. thks.


what would be the easiest way to make this compound, into something else, measurements please. (Lithopone, Sodium Fomate, Zinc Oxide, Soda ash


plz send me previous model question paper for moh to my mail plz it's urgent my mail id is


what are the GLP activities to be followed for Oncology products


why single injection in related substance & dissolution but why not in assay ?


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what are Threats


If you are given a territory and a list of physicians to call on .How would you organise and prioritise your schedule?