UPSC Interview Questions
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In the Words of Aristotle, what is the definition of State?

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?Man is a social animal by nature and necessity?, who said it

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A State will consists four elements, what are they;

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?A Man who lives outside the Polis is either a beast or a god?, is attributed by

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What Polis means

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Tell us the definition of State, in the words of ?Garner?

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?Political science begins and ends with the State?, who said it

Plato, Garnier,

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To all Governments which is the important feature

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In parliamentary system of Governments, by whom the Bill are prepared and introduced

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What is main function of the bureaucracy.

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When the members of the Cabinet can be picked from more than one political party?

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What is maximum period of member of Cabinet without being a member in parliament?

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A vote of ?No confidence? against defence minister leads to

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How long the members of the Cabinet hold office

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Who is the real executive authority under Cabinet Government

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Un-Answered Questions { UPSC }

should women be granted permanent commision in army or not"? if yes than why?? if no than why??


Minimum age to become the member of legislative council


what was the cut off marks for CSAT 2011?


How are you surviving without a job?


Reasons and views on fall of currency value in India ?


What is the role of msc math in Indian Airforce/army/navy/indian coast guard ?


is religion/community based attack killing of christians in orissa/killing of muslim in gujrat / attack on bihari


What is the difference between public agencies, voluntary agencies and semi government agencies


which are of the following is a high risk cleaning area in a food production area


You are not fit for defence, what will you do now?


what your view about-live in relationship ??


sir tel me the selection process of tamilnadu subinspector - for technical position and also send the model question papers.


why u did not selected ncc in school"???


How do you think you could make a contribution to the air force?? how would you change the air force??


Does being married mean that you can only work in the town ??