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what is the main source of revenue to meet expenditures    2  1511
which is the first bank established in India?    3  1718
Can a President of India after completing his/her term as president contest for MP seat.    2  1905
which are of the following is a high risk cleaning area in a food production area    0  664
what is the goverment    1  1070
hey i m Iti Rani . i i have done M.BA (HR) from pune university. i want to know that is there any job in government bank directly for those who have done M.B.A. and i also want to know net salary of clerk after prohibition period. and long this period is for?    1  1168
Ques : What is the difference between Kuchipudi(KP) and Bharatnattyam(BN) ? upsc   1  3258
who holds majority of treasury bills issued by the government of india ??? bhel   2  2862
what is the difference between civil servant & public servant , is MLA comes under civil or public servant...? bhel   3  9800
Match List-I (Indian Scientist) with List-II (Area) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists List-I List-II (Indian Scientist) (Area) A. S. K. Vasal 1. Agriculture B. C. N. R. Rao 2. Medical Science C. P. Venugopal 3. Physics D. B. V. Rao 4. Poultry    1  995
the Chairman of the recently constituted National Knowledge Commission indian-military-services   3  2542
who said "the muslims were fools to ask for safeguards, and the hindus were greater fools to refuse them"? upsc   2  3915
head of national defence committee,india bpsc   11  12471
How many number of buckets you can fill the Himalaya level of water? upsc   12  7508
How can u double ur money? upse   26  10078
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which are of the following is a high risk cleaning area in a food production area 664
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