UPSC Interview Questions
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Which party system do you suggest for effective working of Cabinet

3 1932

To which the local government is accountable

2 1948

In a Federal Government with which the powers are rested

2 1790

In Federal Govt by which the powers are divided between state and Centre

1 1742

The word ?Federation? was drawn from which term and language

1 1637

In a Presidential form of Govt. to which the President is head

1 1615

In India who is the nominal Executive

2 4449

In India, by which the resolution of vote of ?No confidence? passed

1 1544

Which type of Government is adopted in our country

5 2325

What is Political Homogeneity means

2 18992

In Parliamentary form of Govt, from which house the ministers will be taken

4 1854

If vote of ?No confidence? motion is passed by the legislature against the Prime Minister, what happens

3 3526

Why Parliamentary form of Govt is useful

3 2106

Who plays a key role under the Parliamentary form of Govt

3 2095

In which country parliamentary form of Govt was first developed

2 1976

Un-Answered Questions { UPSC }

ifyou were required to organize a team & execute the mountain climbing task & execute the mountain climbing task,where would you like to be ?& why what all the activities you would take responsibility ??


your perception on ayodhya issue ? the decision given by high court is it right. why ? why not ? what should be the right decision ?


when will tamilnadu government announce exam date for drug inspector?


How do you perform under pressure ??


0,7,2,14,6,24,12,37,20 next number in the series


hello sir, i'm interested to pursue Indian forest service exam i finished my BE computer science , i choose geology and forestry as my optional is this gud to learn as im new to this completely ????? --- may i know the coaching institute which takes class for this in Chennai ???????? ---- My final question is , is the notes from brillian tutorial i bought is better enough to prepare for optional subjects or still books needed , if so may i have those list plz ??????


what your view about-women liberalization ??


degree final year students are eligible for 2012 civils exams


How do you pass time?


What do you think the ideal relationship is between a officer & his men ??


what your view about-disco,pubs ??


what your view about-breaking of relationship including divorce ??


How do you think you could make a contribution to the air force?? how would you change the air force??


should women be granted permanent commision in army or not"? if yes than why?? if no than why??


if you get 1 crore what will you do for your country