UPSC Interview Questions
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Which party system do you suggest for effective working of Cabinet

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To which the local government is accountable

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In a Federal Government with which the powers are rested

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In Federal Govt by which the powers are divided between state and Centre

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The word ?Federation? was drawn from which term and language

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In a Presidential form of Govt. to which the President is head

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In India who is the nominal Executive

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In India, by which the resolution of vote of ?No confidence? passed

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Which type of Government is adopted in our country

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What is Political Homogeneity means

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In Parliamentary form of Govt, from which house the ministers will be taken

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If vote of ?No confidence? motion is passed by the legislature against the Prime Minister, what happens

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Why Parliamentary form of Govt is useful

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Who plays a key role under the Parliamentary form of Govt

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In which country parliamentary form of Govt was first developed

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Un-Answered Questions { UPSC }

why train accidents occur ??


what view do you have towards the government reservation policy,do you think it should be given an what criteria ? do you think reservation policy is an effective tool ?


hello sir, i'm interested to pursue Indian forest service exam i finished my BE computer science , i choose geology and forestry as my optional is this gud to learn as im new to this completely ????? --- may i know the coaching institute which takes class for this in Chennai ???????? ---- My final question is , is the notes from brillian tutorial i bought is better enough to prepare for optional subjects or still books needed , if so may i have those list plz ??????


what are the jobs in upsc? what are the services in upsc ? what is civils brefly ?


How do you think you could make a contribution to the air force?? how would you change the air force??


Minimum number of legislative council


your perception on ayodhya issue ? the decision given by high court is it right. why ? why not ? what should be the right decision ?


ifyou were required to organize a team & execute the mountain climbing task & execute the mountain climbing task,where would you like to be ?& why what all the activities you would take responsibility ??


What do you know about Airforce, Army, Navy ?


view on strict teacher and friendly teacher ?


compare the advantage and disadvantage of being a days scholar over a hostler ?


reasons for corruption/scandals in indian armed forces ?


tell me about your dream and desires? If granted wishes from god to come true ? what you would like them to be ?


What do you think the top most qualities an officer should have?


why do you think you are better than others ??