UPSC Interview Questions
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Which party system do you suggest for effective working of Cabinet

3 1810

To which the local government is accountable

2 1843

In a Federal Government with which the powers are rested

2 1711

In Federal Govt by which the powers are divided between state and Centre

1 1656

The word ?Federation? was drawn from which term and language

1 1533

In a Presidential form of Govt. to which the President is head

1 1536

In India who is the nominal Executive

2 3999

In India, by which the resolution of vote of ?No confidence? passed

1 1462

Which type of Government is adopted in our country

5 2192

What is Political Homogeneity means

2 17098

In Parliamentary form of Govt, from which house the ministers will be taken

4 1756

If vote of ?No confidence? motion is passed by the legislature against the Prime Minister, what happens

3 3336

Why Parliamentary form of Govt is useful

3 2011

Who plays a key role under the Parliamentary form of Govt

3 1964

In which country parliamentary form of Govt was first developed

2 1903

Un-Answered Questions { UPSC }

i already applied for group1 exams i lost my application form how can i get it from online


how do you plan any event ? such as preparing for a competetive examination


what you will do if police comes and arrests your father in charge of corruption??


do you think religion should be identifying factor why or why not ?? benift of following religion ??


What do you think the top most qualities an officer should have?


Does being married mean that you can only work in the town ??


what your view about-breaking of relationship including divorce ??


How do you perform under pressure ??


you are not having a good GK, why is that so?


your perception on ayodhya issue ? the decision given by high court is it right. why ? why not ? what should be the right decision ?


what your view about-disco,pubs ??


degree final year students are eligible for 2012 civils exams


what your view about-live in relationship ??


what was the cut off marks for CSAT 2011?


what your view about-sexual practices?