UPSC History Interview Questions
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What are the three most common features of all Indus Valley sites

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What are the likely purposes of the Great Bath in the citadel at Mohnjodaro

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Where the largest number of Harappan sites discovered in India

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Why almost all Harappan towns hand large granaries

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What are the two important things that Harappan civilization contributed to the mankind

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Which metal widely used by the Indus valley people


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Where the latest Harappan site discovered in Gujarat

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?The world is God and God is my soul? which propounded the concept

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IN which you can find the famous Gayatri Mantras

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?War begins in the minds of men? in which veda you can find it

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Describe is the social life of the Vedic people

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Between whom the famous ?Battle of Ten kings? was fought as mentioned in the Rigveda

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What was the normal form of government in Vedic period

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ON which system the famous ?Frog Hymn? throws light in vedic period

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In which Veda you can find the ?Wedding Hymn? describing the oldest marriage ritual

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Who among the following was the constituent advisor to the Constituent Assembly?