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Why did you leave your last Job? fortune-park-hotel   0  348
what is your greatest strength? sheraton   0  339
what do u mean by the words 'service'? chevron   5  11383
Why you have chosen the culinary academy ?    6  1533
Upon starting as an Assistant General Manager, my employees tell me "they have always done things this way", when I suggest to them that I need changes made.    0  336
If a hotel's restarant is declining in customer satisfaction, specifically with hostess attentiveness, bad table service, and the quality of food, what would be the best choice to make in order to eliminate these issues?    0  326
which is the world's costliest vodka??? and why?? taj-group   4  4938
what should i do to come to canada    0  460
what type of question will they ask in interview and how long will be the interview    2  955
what skills and qualifications in your opinion are essential for the position    0  310
I m selected for a step prograam for kitchen opration my interview is near plz help me what types of que is asked in interview    2  1068
what is salad    5  1188
what are your future plans for virgin atlantic airways group u.k.? virgin   3  2086
what job position are you currently holding with your current employer? virgin   2  2877
how soon can you travel down to start your new job? virgin   2  4394
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Un-Answered Questions
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What would you do if you lost an engine on take off? 626
i am new in whats should ask from the company or management.........pls ans me.... 214
Hi,i am a MBA student and i have to prepare a project on MR Y.Raeev Reddy(CMD of Country club)so can you provide me some basic infomation about him like his date of birth,educational detail,name of the school,college,how many member are there in his fmily and anythinelse you can tell about him. 427
How long have you been a flight attendant? 297
What is the meaning of C in the C form 1119
What i will achieve for the company if i employed to work in hotel? 420
why did you choose this career? 669
Name of front office software used in hotel? 19
what are the activities of Tour operators? 426
On average how much travelling do you do? 333
describe a challenging situation that you have handle, how you approached the situation and what you learn t from it 667
differentiate between sales and marketing in the context of hospitality management? 520
what is open sky policy 282
How did I calculate A 1)-Hotel Food & Beverage Cost give me Detail's with Separately (Food Cost Formula and Beverage Cost Formula Separately with details )and 2)-How to calculate Food & Beverage Profit & Loss given me answer with Details. 166
Do you have Knowledge of Protel? 299
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