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what is salad    5  3283
what are your future plans for virgin atlantic airways group u.k.? virgin   3  4131
what job position are you currently holding with your current employer? virgin   2  5890
how soon can you travel down to start your new job? virgin   2  8697
why should we hire you over the other waiting to be interviewed? virgin   3  10126
why do you want to work here ? virgin   3  6202
do you have reference list? virgin   2  4087
tell you about a time when you failled to meet a deadline what were the repercussions? virgin   1  2464
can you work well under deadline or pressure? virgin   3  10391
how do you plan to achieve these goals? virgin   2  8193
what goals do you have in your career? virgin   3  24640
why did you choose this career? virgin   0  1729
Briefly describe your ideal job? virgin   0  1074
briefly describe your ideal job    0  1425
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Un-Answered Questions
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the best Iq test 3328
Discuss the most significant business issue currently affecting the airline industry ? 838
What would you do if you lost an engine on take off? 1205
How long have you been a flight attendant? 595
How many years experience do you have at a senior level as a chef? 871
What i will achieve for the company if i employed to work in hotel? 914
what do you consider to be your most important achievement &biggest regret of the past year 1761
How can Tourism contribute to social cohesion and convergence? 879
what are the effects of Tourism induced infrastructure? 1044
Give me an example of any major problem you faced and how you solved it 445
Why do you think you would benefit from this course? 1394
Have you ever used your persuasion skills in order to achieve your goal? If you had, describe the situation 272
Do you have a bad back or any medical issues? 585
why you want join aviation industry as compare to hospitality industry because you have experience in hotels? 1837
What qualities make you suitable for job? 4694
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