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Briefly describe your ideal job? virgin   0  940
briefly describe your ideal job    0  1277
i was interview my us visa for c1/d visa unfortunately i was denied...what is the best way to be able to pass this kind of visa...they ask me a question if i this my first time to work in ship and i said yes sir but i have a almost 2yrs related experience...what will i do en able to pass.. my next schedule will first week of april...please help me..tnx us-consulate   6  15686
What qualities make you suitable for job?    0  4437
I have done my B.H.M in 2007 from Alagappa university and i want to join in tourism department,i dont no when they are conducting exams so please give some information to me.. radisson   0  550
your greast weakness. lufthansa   3  4077
Do you have reference list?    1  6109
is there any best & dudget hotels in india?    3  1733
why 13 no.table is not there in any resturant    3  3733
Hi,i am a MBA student and i have to prepare a project on MR Y.Raeev Reddy(CMD of Country club)so can you provide me some basic infomation about him like his date of birth,educational detail,name of the school,college,how many member are there in his fmily and anythinelse you can tell about him.    0  576
i want all types of question paper in related to hotel management course and its answer also sheraton   2  7240
what is red flag symbolise to oberoi   4  2971
iam a hotel management student i want do mba in what stream i should do a master degree and how can i sit in mba entarance exam ?    2  2195
Tell me about tourism industry in India? oberoi   3  4160
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How might national tourism policy take better account of the territorial characterestics of the tourism? 741
Is it possible to get any travel & tourism jobs in Japan? Also I'm colored, and I've heard that getting jobs like that is even more difficult. Is that true? 580
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What are the things you like most?. 1834
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