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How do you recognize a 5 star hotel?    0  5
Name of front office software used in hotel?    0  15
. Give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it? hilton   0  66
How did I calculate A 1)-Hotel Food & Beverage Cost give me Detail's with Separately (Food Cost Formula and Beverage Cost Formula Separately with details )and 2)-How to calculate Food & Beverage Profit & Loss given me answer with Details.    0  162
Is there a film in the cinema at the moment that you wouldlike to watch?    1  189
what are the qualities required for interpersonal relation    0  200
what do you consider to be your most important achievement &biggest regret of the past year    0  427
who is better position in hotel m.d or chairman?    0  437
How do you plan to achieve these goals acc   0  514
what are the things you like most?    0  451
Why are you opting for this hotel(oberoi/hyatt...)?? oberoi   1  1797
Why are you opting for Front Office department?    1  956
how to plan staffing for an outlet oberoi   0  598
how to prepare budgets and p & l for an outlet for a financial year. claridges   1  708
what is the profit percentage in alcohol and food and their cost percentage. claridges   0  547
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Un-Answered Questions
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How safe is flying? 325
Admission applications must be accompanied with a certificate of competency in the English language from a recognized institution or programme. English language requirements for non English speaking students are a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or minimum TOEFL score of 600, or other evidence of English language abilities at this level. You can be exempt from the English language requirements if: 1. English is your first language 2. You have previously completed a University level programme in English (e.g. Bachelor degree, Diploma, English certification programme etc.) 3. A written certification from your employer about your proficiency level is provided 4. You write a 1000 words essay on why you think an MBA is a good choice, thus showing your command of the English language Which of the above mentioned circumstances is applicable to your case? Please elaborate: 473
why do u want to be a cabin crew? 324
defini spirit 233
what skills and qualifications in your opinion are essential for the position 308
why iam in bank,give 4 reasons 223
11. Please describe a situation in which you influenced someone to do something they didn’t want to do. 601
what is your greatest strength? 337
what kinds of thing do you worry about 400
What do you think about aesthetics design of hotel and how important? 275
Do you have hotel reception experience? 568
Why do you intend to enroll at UST 516
How many hours per week you intend to dedicate to your studies? 544
In a few sentences, please describe a situation where you have exceeded somebody’s expectations. How did you know what the other person had been looking for and what did you do to “go the extra mile”? 586
. Give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it? 66
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