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Question { Satyam, 25661 }

In GL Module
When does the GL_BALANCES Table Hit ?


After posting the journal

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Question { Oracle, 5715 }

What are the steps in setting up Oracle GL ?


01- Define Value Sets
02- Define Accounting Structure
03- Define Accounting Segments and Link with Value Sets
04- Assign Qualifier (Balancing Segment, Nature Account and
Cost Center)
05- Compile Accounting Structure
06- Define Calendar Type
07- Define Accounting Calendar
08- Enable Functional Currency and Rates Type
09- Create Ledger and Assign to Currency and Calendar
10- Assign Responsibility to Ledger (GL Ledger Name)
11- Create Category and Sequences
12- Assign Sequences with Category
13- Open Periods

Mahmoud Maher

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Question { Wipro, 14406 }

MIN and MAX number of segments in Chart of accounts ?


Min 2 , 1 for account and other one for balancing segment

Max 30

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Question { Meru Cabs, 8756 }

Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts,
balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)


1- Go to Key flexfield (General Ledger, Accounting Flexfield) form and add new structure
2- Add Segments and link with value list
3- Assign Segments to Qualifiers
4- Compile the new Structure

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Question { Conacent, 11783 }

you have received excess money from the customer. now you want
to refund the excess money. what is the set up for that?



Refund can done by using the Receivables activity refund type.
Go to receipt form and apply to activity refund what we created before and save.
New invoice will be created in AP for the same customer name or trading partner


Can be created by adding new supplier with same customer name and add invoice and pay.In AR add credit memo to the same customer and apply with receipt in the application window (Receipt applied with On Account Activity)

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Question { 8333 }

what diff b/w security rulues and cross validation rulues


Security rules: Restrict values from responsibility

Cross Validations: Restrict invalid combinations in the
Accounting flexfield
ext. Account with Cost Centers

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Question { 14102 }

What are the Accounting Entries in Oracle Financial
terminology ?


DR: Goods under inspection
CR: AP Inventory Accrual

DR: Inventory
CR: Goods under inspection

AP Invoices
DR: AP Inventory Accrual
CR: Liability

DR: Liability
CR: Cash Clearing

CM Clearing
DR: Cash Clearing
CR: Cash

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