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How u can give the overload setting to any motor protection relay for a HT motors with formula and Example?


Electrical Engineering 1270

What is differential relay? How it operates?

1 Electrical Engineering 3818

. How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer? How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer?

Electrical Engineering 1202

What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works?

Electrical Engineering 1133

While testing the 33KV Busbar by using Hipot kit, what should be the test voltage we have to apply

2 Electrical Engineering 6077

What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer?

Electrical Engineering 1191

Explain how you can give the overload setting to any Motor Protection Relay for a HT motors with formula and example?

Electrical Engineering 1249

Why restricted earth fault protection is needed? Why can’t differential Protection is sufficient?

1 Electrical Engineering 2929

What should be the minimum and maximum ohmic value for earthing?

2 Electrical Engineering 3943

As per the theory current doesn’t flows in Neutral, but practically it is not applicable, explain why?

2 Electrical Engineering 3172

What is the Frequency while we step up the voltage from 220V to 11KV? Is it possible? Explain it?

6 Electrical Engineering 6609

How to take the Vector Group Test in Transformer? What is the purpose of doing Vector Group Test?

3 Electrical Engineering 5300

Why the transmission lines are in 11kV, 22kV, 33kv, and why not 10kV,20kV, 30kV?


2 Electrical Engineering 5911

Why do we generate 3 Phase AC Supply? It is possible to generate 4 Phase and 5 Phase explain it?

4 Electrical Engineering 7712

Explain why the Voltage drop will happen in 3 Phase line?

3 Electrical Engineering 5102

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Answers / { jagan }

Question { Suzuki, 26391 }

WHERE to use CVT & PT.


it is connected bet communication wavedrop and is
used for met & is nothing but acapacitor arrangement
due to this large level of voltage will be stored and due
to small stepdown transfomer inside it is reduced to as
plant req.Ex;400kv/1.732/1.1kv/1.732.

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Question { Areva, 28124 }

What is Ten Delta Test ?


This test is doing for bushings of high rating CVT
transformers .this is very essential test it should be in
determined value max in nanofarad.whwn u conduct this one
to three times clean the bushing.this have many provision
when u using special kit.max GST-g mode is using by
applying 10Kv.

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Question { 4675 }



hi , when u keeps on increasing the voltageby 10% at one
instant ur flux densityincreased by 50% at this point u
say athis as knee point voltage.after u incresing it will
not increase bec this is saturate,,,,,

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Question { Green Power, 6470 }

what is the ciruit diagram of transformer vector grup test?


hi friend it depends upon the transformer group,whether
Dyn11,Dd0etc...and then we arethe condition makers and
proove by measuring voltage of different series......

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Question { IFFCO, 2935 }

why normally Generator rating are between 11Kv to 22Kv?


y particularly 11kv and not 10.5 or 12kv ,These are standard we made ,our standard distribution is 11,22,33,66,132,220,400,765kv like this,so accordingly we use .The basic depends on formfactor.

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