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can we print any string without using terminator?

Infosys, TCS,

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can we print any string in c language without using semicolon(;)(terminator) in whole program.

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How we add our function in liabrary as liabrary function. Exp. we want use our int factorical(int); function as int pow(int,int); function working in math header file.

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what is SPL in c++.

1 OOPS 5624

How can we use the preprocessor #if and #elseif.

2 OOPS 4157

What is hybridyzation ? How can i find that which type hybridyzation in perticular compound like in CH4(hy is sp3).

1 Inorganic Chemistry 2946

I want to crate my personal website. I am having my website on which provide some space but it templete based. I want to gain free web space and plz tell me how to custmize it....plz suggest me... Thanks...

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