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Question { HCL, 22174 }

If there is no sufficent time for testing & u have to
complete the testing then what will u do?


I that case the smoke testing would be best practice.
Sanity testing also does not make any sense as it involves
through validation testing.
Exploratory is done when there is no documents for the
system based on which you can prepare prepare your test

Suggestions are welcome


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Question { IBM, 27857 }

How many testcases can you write an avg for a day?


Testers are supposed to be talkative. In order to keep their
point floating they have to argue, give reasons for everything.
Hence such questions are asked to measure the capability of
a tester to argue. If u say 5 to 10 then justify your answer
or if you said 5-60 then also you have to justify your
answer. So, in all whatever you say or do be ready with the
supporting documents.

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Question { 8032 }

What is the difference between functional specifications
and business requirement specification?


Well!! There are vast difference between these two terms.
BRS is the crude business language which is stated by the
client and can't be processed to design stage based on this

FRS/FSD is a document prepared by the business analyst and a
baseline document for the SDLC/STLC process. Though, FSD is
prepared with the help of BRS only but FSD contains more
technical terms and prepared keeping technical aspects of SDLC.

Hope i am able to clear the diffrence

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Question { Gtech, 3919 }

What is the difference between volume and load?


Both are used for performance testing.
The basic difference that I understand is as follows:

volume testing: we check the data transfer sustainability
for example: input/output file, we give maximum data to
input file to check whether system sustains or not.

Load testing: we create virtual user and at a time access
the site to check the response time/throughput.

I appreciate valuable comments on the above.

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Question { CTS, 44454 }

Are monkey testing & gorilla testing same? If not, then
what is the difference between these two?


such questions are waste, I pity on those interviewer who
asks such questions. Such questions have no significance.
Its sheer wasting time of interviewer and interviewee.
There are many other and interesting things to ask in the
interview. Fail to understand why such questions are given

Not a good practice


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Question { 3238 }

Hi Friends,

I had doubt, that

If we want to know how far the testing is completed
on portal , we will go far Tracebility Matrix.

My Question is matrix is prepared? What should be
taken as rows and what should be taken as columns to
prepare the Tracebility Matrix. Pls Help Me.



Row will lists requirements and column will lists the name
of documents (eg. test case) where u have written those test
condition matching the functional requirement.
RTM is a combination of two baselined documents.


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Question { IBM, 12952 }

If developers team doesn't agree with the bug raised by you,
what is the next step would you take


Developer will have to post some comment on that bug in the
test management tool. If comment justifies the problem
sounds okay else the state of the bug will be reopen.

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Question { IBM, 12952 }

If developers team doesn't agree with the bug raised by you,
what is the next step would you take


"I will show him the Client requirement Docuemnt i.e. SRS"

Developer also have right to see SRS. So no logic with above


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Question { Datamatics, 8055 }

Hi,I am new to software testing. My question is, What can be
the possible test cases one can write for a chair


for such type of pencil,chair,table,pen,questions. we must
divide the test case into usability, functional,
non-functional so it would be easy to formulate an answer

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Question { 3573 }

plz anyone can explain me what is PB/MF based application?


PB:Product based for instance: desktop application. WHERE
application runs by executing .exe file

MF: This is mainframe system. Application developed in
mainframe technology using cobol, cics,jcl,db2 etc

Plz do correct me if I am wrong. But,I am sure about my
answer.Any additions are welcome. Plz go ahead.

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Question { 9012 }

we enter that user name field is blank and password field
is blank and click on Ok. what type of testing is this 1)
functional testing 2)security testing


Answer: functionality testing
Here, we are performing functionality testing of login. We
see how login performs with blank input condition.
It will be security testing, if we breach security on wrong
username and passsword. SQL injection is one of the method
to breach security.

expect answers from fellow testers.


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Question { RBS, 44662 }

5 negative test case for lift....


1) Enter more than the specified person
2) smoke or lit fire inside the lift
3) try opening door while moving.
4) press stop before the destination.
5) press opposite button from the source eg. if on ground
floor press down button and vice versa



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Question { AZTEC, 16406 }

What is the difference between bug,defect, error, failulre,
fault & mistake?


Bug is from tester's perspective

"The output that deviates from the actual requirement
(SRS). In that case tester call it a bug and developer call
it a defect."

Defect is from developer's perspective

Error occurred while coding or some logical error.

Failure &fault is same and can be difined as when client
fails to get the required results during acceptance testing
he/she termed it as failure/fault.

Feel free to comment

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Question { Span Systems, 14560 }

what are the testing methodologies?


Test methodology and approach are same.
Test methodology discusses about the test approach that
would be required for any projects.
Say for web application,
we define the Test objective folowed with test methods,test
team,test duration, whether to use black-box, white-box
we discuss about the different test approach as
browser compatability
security testing
performance testing (stress,volume,load)


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Question { Span Systems, 14560 }

what are the testing methodologies?


I won't call them techniques of black box, I would rather
call them types of black box testing.
Techniques of black box would be
Equivalence partitioning
Boundary value analysis
Decision table testing
Pairwise testing
State transition tables
Use case testing
Cross-functional testing

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