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as the name "user acceptance testing" tell us that it is
related to clients/user ,who use our software /application ,
or whatever we deliver them called as product. we provide
them -their requirements ,use cases, test cases and their
result so that they will be ease of running that product.
if in UAT any bug related to functionality the status of that
bug will be major.

Reply / stl

A formal product evaluation performed by a customer as a
condition of purchase. The testing can be based upon the
User Requirements Specification to which the system should
conform. Use Acceptance testing is black box testing.

User Acceptance Testing is the last stage of the Software
Development Lifecycle. User acceptance testing we
validating all the user requirements specified in SRS is
met after code freeze. The acceptance test is the
responsibility of the client/customer or project manager;
however, it is conducted with the full support of the
project team. Before the software goes live determining if
software is satisfactory to an end-user or customer.
The status of the bug would depends on the bug found .but
priority would be given high.

Reply / ramprasad.s

1.User Acceptance Testing is To check the
Product/Application satisfies the User/Client.

2.User Acceptance Testing is done by Client/user.

3. Priority is High.

Severity depends How For the Application is Affected.

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

User Acceptance testing is nothing but after completion of
all possible functional and system tests, the project
management team invite the users to collect feed back of
the customer site people this type of testing is called the
user acceptance testing.

Under acceptance testing project management team fallow the
some tests.
They are,
c) Alpha testing.
d) Beta testing
e) Port testing

If you got any defect while doing UAT then if I can
possible then I will solve or I take the my lead or Pm

After I will explain the defect to client the
defect client give suggestion the I will give to the
severity and priority.

Reply / sirisha

user acceptance testing 2 types
alpha and beta

alpha testing is done in company by test engineers before
delivering the software in to client site this is done by
test engineer

Reply / k.prakash

User acceptance Testing
User acceptance testing is done by clients by clients
It build confidence to client
It is real time data
Mostly Black Box Testing

Reply / guest

It would be most important to complete the user acceptance
testing so as to ensure that the system, which is to be
implemented is working correctly. The completion of the user
manuals is similar to the performance of code reviews. If
time is tight, the last thing one would want to do is add
another enhancement. It would be necessary to freeze the
code and complete the testing, then make any other changes
as future enhancements. It would be appropriate to have the
code documented and reviewed, but unless the acceptance
testing is completed, there is no guarantee that the system
will work correctly and meet user requirements.

Reply / manasa

Validates that the right system was built.

Reply / ashutosh kumar

It is a kind of alpha testing, done by the developing
organization.....when the product is not completed by the
given time or "Time exceeds the deadline time".

Reply / sriharsha

User Acceptance Testing :
This type of testing is done by the Cust / Client or a
testing team from the clients side.

The appln here is tested for all its features as an end

Reply / rsntallapudi123

User acceptance Testing is performed by the Client of the
application to determine whether the application is
Developed as per the requirements specified by him/her.

it is performed within the development of the organization
or at the client site.
Alpha testing and Beta testing are the examples of
Acceptance Testing.

Reply / sailaja

testing done according to the UATest Plan is User
acceptance testing

User acceptance testing is done to test the user
acceptability and after all the requirements are met by the
system then according to the system test plan we will do
system testing
the hierarchy is ...
unit testing
integration testing
system testing
acceptance testing

Reply / karthik g

Objective of UAT : To test the application from end users
perspective and to verify for the business rules.

Reference document for UAT : BRD

Environment for UAT : Simulated Live Environment(Prod Site)

Data used for UAT : Simulated live data

Reply / medpalle

UAT (user Acceptance Testing ) or
CAT (client Acceptance Testing ) is done at Client Side.
Clinet verifes that all requirements are implemented or

Reply / rajarajan

The following question were asked by TCS for Trainees in
their Mid term exam.what type of question will be done by
Answer: Acceptance Testing.