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Performance Testing:-testing the present wroking condition
of the product

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Performance Testing
Testing the application how speed is is working
Estimation of response time of server/CPU.

Performance of the application depends on the technology
used to built the software.

The network capability(BandWidth).

Server capacity to handle the max. number of requests per a

Performance testing is divided into three tests again
1.Load Testing
2.Stress Testing
3.Volume Testing

Performance testing is very important in web applications
,E-Commerce applications,Online banking applications..etc.
Regression Testing:-Regression Testing is checking for the
newly added or defect fixed functionality causing any
errors in terms of functionality and the common functionality
should be stable in the latest and the previous versions

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performance Testing manually for web site can be done By noting the time to load page or perform any action with
stop watch. I know it sounds funny but this is the way
performance is tested manually.

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Timing for both read and update transactions should be
gathered to determine whether system functions are being
performed in an acceptable time frame. This should be done
standalone and then in a multi user environment to determine
the effect of multiple transactions on the timing of a
single transaction.

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parameters to consider for Performance Testing

Response Time during data retrieval ,calculations,
turn around time, Bandwidth, Web Page load time during
Multiple user logins,capacity,volume,load,
The time parameters for performance testing are Elapsed
time , response time , hits/second and throughputs.

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generally we consider five parameters for Performance Testing
Response time
page download time
Through put
transactions per second
Turn around time

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Performance: Performance testing of an application for the
fixed time and fixed number of the user.

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to do the performance testing Manualy

We can test it manually but we don't get accurate result.
We don't have separate test cases.
exactly we will do it with tool i.e Load runner,Act,Web load

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Performance testing means checking the application whether
it is working upto the level of the user expectations, i.e.
acceptance of no. of requests at a given time, responce
time, number of users at a time, etc.

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Testers will verify how fast our application responds to
the users request.

Reply / ravinder

how much load is applyed on server/cpu for executing
current application and also finding the responce time for
every request

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performence testing - to test the performence of the
application under load.
It determines speed, scalability, stability,confidence
.....while focusing on
->user expectation
->system consideration
Specifically,it answers
How many.....?
How much....?
what happens....?

Reply / gillberk

Performance testing is the process of determining the speed
or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or
device. This process can involve quantitative tests done in
a lab, such as measuring the response time or the number of
MIPS (millions of instructions per second) at which a system

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Performance testing is divided into three tests again
1.Load Testing
2.Stress Testing
3.Volume Testing

Performance testing is very important in web applications
,E-Commerce applications,Online banking applications..etc

Reply / shan

Hi friends, Reading all threads now we have idea about what
is Performance Testing.
I wil give you some ideas about how the performance testing
can be done or whatever necessary steps to be taken care
doing performance testing...

a.) we need to find some methodology for performance

b.) A very important concern is to identify the objective
of performance validation ( what is the SLA of Performacne

c.) To achieve the client SLA need system architecture
understanding, The API which all are being used an
application and the contribution of those API.

d.) Another very important constraint is the users workload

e.) Understanding of many more technical concepts like TCP,
HTTP, HTTPS, Network, Processors, LAN, VAN.

f.) Application deployment envionment.(Which effects your
PT results)ex.. How the applciation is being deployed? Is
the App server, Webserver, DBsever are in different box or
in the same box.

g.) Another improtant things is to analyse the result

h.) Understanding of effective monitoring strategy.

There are the another lots of other things which i will be
messaging you in the next threads.

at last Perfformance Testing is an art not a tool and is
necessary to understand custoemr problem/situation.