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Reply / bishwajit rk

Sanity Testing is the processes of
checking the basic functionality of the application. This
testing are done before the application is cleared for in
depth testing.

There is no point of testing further if the basic
functionality are not working properly.

Reply / ramprasad.s

Sanity Testing are performed to check whether the
Application is sane enough to proceed for Major
Functionality .

Reply / maya

Both Smoke & Sanity testing are same in one way that is,
its a build verification testing. When a particular module
is developed then developer will do smoke testing in order
to test whether the developed module is stable (which means
the basic functionalities must work) then in turn it will
be given for testing.

Now the testers will also do the build verification testing
where we call that as Sanity testing

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

a) Sanitary testing is nothing but the build is stable
or not complete to testing is called sanitary testing.

b) Sanitary testing is also known as testers
acceptation testing (TAT), or builds verification testing

c) Now check the lock and fell, that telephone have
the connection or not, if connection have that is which
type, all numbers are work or not, that size, this type of
all testing apply the telephone.

Reply / sunil

Sanity testing is performed whenever cursory testing is
sufficient to prove the application is functioning
according to specifications. This level of testing is a
subset or regression testing.

Reply / venkat

sanity testing is done whether we can go
advanced testing or not for example
open browser and type the exact url of application in the
application bar if corresponding page has been opened then
we can go for further testing if not rejects

Reply / athilakshmi.g

This testing will be done by the tester to check
whether the new application is ready for the major testing

Reply / murali

In this testing all the major & critical functionalities of
an application.

Reply / plsuresh

sanity testing: the build is stable or not

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

a) In smoke and sanity 1st conducting the sanity

b) Sanity testing is nothing but whether the
development team release build is a, is table for complete
testing or not test is called the sanity testing.

c) That is the build start to end is possible, no
middle brakes, if some navigation after the build and with
system hang or not this types of tests

d) This sanity testing also is called the Tester
acceptation testing (TAT) or build verification test (BVT)

e) This test is monitory test also

f) Now smoke testing is nothing but it is a small
change a in a sanity testing process.

g) That is in above (in sanity testing) what test are
conducting now the tester if any problem arise then in
tests, then reject build with reasons, build is not working
it is called the smoke testing.

h) Smoke testing is also known as the optional testing

i) Actual it the both process but now the MNC
companies are follow the when the problem arise, (remember
it not test execution it is only 1st build verification
test only) then stop the test on the build the intimate the
developments team.

j) So all are doing smoke testing only that here
verify and intimate also.

Reply / rajendra prasad reddy

Sanity Testing: Tester Acceptence Test(TAT)
Checking the given Build is testable or not
That means checking all features are
working and accesssible or not.

But one thing In most of the testing companies even in Some
Big MNCS the above two are considered as same.

Reply / arjun reddy.n

After getting the build, first we will be doing sanity
testing to conform whether the given application is able to
carry for further testing.

Reply / prasanna_ny

Sanity testing is testing the application to
ensure, if it is stable enough to continue further
testing.If the test fails ,we cannot continue testing
further.Sanity testing is the initial test after the build
release.It is done by the QA team.

Reply / smita

Sanity testing is subset of regression testing and it is in
testing the build in depth.
e.g For login screen

Reply / sujatha

According to me
smoke testing and sanity testing both are same,but some
organizations follow the smoke r sanity testing after
receiving the build from the dev the testers check whether
the high level functionalities of the app working correctly
r not.