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void swap();

int x=10,y=8;


printf("x=%d y=%d",x,y);


void swap(int *a, int *b)


*a ^= *b, *b ^= *a, *a ^= *b;


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main() { void swap(); int x=10,y=8; swap(&x,&y); ..

Answer / susie

Answer :

x=10 y=8


Using ^ like this is a way to swap two variables without
using a temporary variable and that too in a single statement.

Inside main(), void swap(); means that swap is a function
that may take any number of arguments (not no arguments) and
returns nothing. So this doesn’t issue a compiler error by
the call swap(&x,&y); that has two arguments.

This convention is historically due to pre-ANSI style
(referred to as Kernighan and Ritchie style) style of
function declaration. In that style, the swap function will
be defined as follows,

void swap()

int *a, int *b


*a ^= *b, *b ^= *a, *a ^= *b;


where the arguments follow the (). So naturally the
declaration for swap will look like, void swap() which means
the swap can take any number of arguments.

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main() { void swap(); int x=10,y=8; swap(&x,&y); ..

Answer / shruthi


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