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How can I find out information about a pending case?

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How can I find out information about a pending case?..

Answer / guest

For civil, family, housing and small claims cases that are
disclosable, limited information may be available through
the Case Lookup section of the Judicial Branch?s website.
More detailed information may be obtained from disclosable
information in the clerk's file.
Information that is disclosable in a pending criminal case
may be obtained through the clerk?s office in the
courthouse where the case is pending. Please note that a
court clerk can provide only limited information, such as a
continuance date, over the telephone. In addition, a file
may still be in court when you call, so the information may
not be available at that point.
Disclosable documents may be reviewed in the clerk?s
office. Copy fees are $1 a page.

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How can I find out information about a pending case?..

Answer / thakkar mohini r

You can find by using of interenet also.

You have to first open the site of the court you can use
google for it, then after you have to type case number and
by clickon the satatus or any other option you can.


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How can I find out information about a pending case?..

Answer / kanika

you can go to the respective state's court site to track
the status of particuler case. you have to given name of
parties over there.

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How can I find out information about a pending case?..

Answer / santro

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using System;
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/// <summary>
/// Summary description for DrugNamesDblCls
/// </summary>

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