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I Want to konw the full knowledge about India Pvt. Ltd.
Company, Ltd. Company., Pvt. Ltd. Company Etc.


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Are prosecutors and public defenders part of the Judicial Branch?

1 Answers  

Please give an example solutions of Professional Tax Calculations?

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what is the full meaning of LLB

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How are the Superior Courts structured?

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I am trying to select a topic for Ph.D thesis. I am keen to study the Issue of shares at a premium both by listed companies, closely held public companies and privat companies and their impact on the Investors, the general public and the Government. A new company like Reliance power, yet to start the project, charged investors heavily in the name of premium. Also deuped the govt by avoiding payment of fees on authorised capital as otherwise for this amount the company would have been required to pay a good money to the govt. Similarly many companies are doing the same thing. Can you suggest a topic and method of study so that I can prepare the synopsis. Thanks

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what is the difference between Chief justice and hindi chief justice called Nyaydheesh.

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can i change the jurisdiction of assessing authority of the dealer

0 Answers   ABC,

Dear Friends, Please send me State Bank of Maharashtra or other banks - LAW OFFICER's Exam Questions Papers for the past five years. I will be highly obliged.

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If a law limits or restricts our freedom to do something, is that an unjust law with regards to autonomy?

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What is your major achievement?

0 Answers   ELC Technologies, IndusInd Bank,

Why have you applied to this justice firm?

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which constitution is more stable? rigid or flexible.

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