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how long does it take to release the gratuity,after we quit
the job?

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What is role of indirect taxation mangaer(in term of Excise, Custom, Service tax, Income tax, CST, VAT and other applicabe laws)

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hai,can anybody send me the material of junior civil judges exam. i dont know how to prepare,if anybody could send me the information about the preparation i eould be very thankful

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What stops countries from invading each other on a daily basis?

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bank does not give loan unless they ascetain full repayment of their loan,then why need of collateral securities

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What effect on the whole of society does someone crashing into a lamppost have? Does a girl scout have a political agenda?

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why are you want comein in lic

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Is it necessary to deduct return goods from invoice amount to get c form issued ? Will we be penalized if we have got C forms issued for the total invoice amount without deducting return goods 

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what is difference between excise & sells tax?

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iob punchline is what?

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should legislation make changes in section-304 ipc(dowry death)

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What is Sweat Equity

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