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Is it fair to impose a height restriction on those wanting to become fire fighters?

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To what extent should our data be available to the government? What about the data of foreign citizens?

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1.why do u want to join his lpo? 2. Why do u want to leave litigation? 3. why do u think that there is no scope in litigation?

1 Answers   Integreon,

will you consider yourself to be a patient person?

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How you will react if you find that someone you work with does not like you?

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Are babies born with a moral code or is it learned?

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in which year Manipur merged with the Indian union ?

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What stops countries from invading each other on a daily basis?

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The question was asked to me when I went for an interview for a Hotel : I have two hotels located in the state of UP (noida) and Punjab (Mohali). Now I have procured toileteries centrally,pack them in my hotel's branded boxes and store them at a central warehouse in Noida. I received a demand to send some 5 cartons containing my branded boxed toileteries to my Hotel in Mohali. Now do I need a road permit for transporting these goods. If yes then what kind of road permit. Also is the road permit to be issued to the company or to the transporter. If I am to send these toileteries via Railways then in that case do I need any permit.

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if a person has served the organization from 1st Oct 2005 till 10th Sep 2010, is liable for gratuity payment?

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Should anyone be able to serve on a jury?

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rights reguarding a private sale of goods not paid for in full and courier failling to collect correct amount of monies on cah on delivery

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What is the difference between a state marshal and a judicial marshal?

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