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What you think about Protection of Women from Doemstic
Violence Act, is it in favour of women or is it patial law?

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which one of the following is not a constitutional body? a) planning commission b) finance commission c) union public service commission d) election commission

2 Answers   Finance Commission,

Would it be wrong for judges to be elected?

0 Answers  

I am worrking tcs for last 1.8 years.I took leave from april due to health problem arise during my first pregnancy.They approve my leave till may 15,2012.after that i spoke to hr saying my siuation and they ask me to wait to get approve leave till my delivery(nov 2012).Aguest first week i got call from another team from tcs and they doesn't accept my condition.they are force me to send resign letter to the hr.Now they ask me Rs 120000 for final settlement.I dont know what.I agree to pay my bond amount rs 50000 + i month basic pay.They are therd me.Please answer as soon as possible

1 Answers   TCS,

among the tax revenue of the goverment of india ,the most important is a.income tax b.custom duty. c. corporation tax. d. union excise duty.

0 Answers  

Howmany members are there in security council ?

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what is the due dates of depositing the PF challan & Esic challan.

0 Answers  

how can i protect my cultivated kharab(gomala) land or legally how can i move

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What is ypor opinion about the launch of the Public Defence Service?

1 Answers  

whether WCT is applicable on free issue of material?

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Minimum no of contract labour required for obtaining the labour licence from the regulating authority.

1 Answers   Bhel,

i want to know about mimimum wages act with epf ,service tax, princle employer to contractor for contractor's labour -mention with notification no and date in which act, contractor vs central govt ,is principle employer responsible to pay mimimum wages with epf ,service tax and other taxes to contractor ? Reply

1 Answers  

Suppose A palcement agency prepared the bill of Rs. 50,000/- and also charge the re-imbursement of amount paid by him towards Provident Fund and ESI Contribution for their employees in a tune of Rs. 8000/-. Whether service tax is chargeable on Rs. 50,000/- or on total Rs. 58000/-

1 Answers