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I would know that sales tax would be charged on amount of
TCS ( Tax Collaction at Source) and TCS would be charged on
amount of Sales Tax ?

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Computers purchased for personnel use not for sale from other state. Can I provide C form

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If your neighbour fixed your collapsing roof while you were away on holiday, should you pay him for this?

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Judicial review is based on a) rule of law b) Due process law c) precedents of law d) proceedure of law

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The judge may give a lighter sentence than the victim and or community believe are fair. How you address the victim or community's concern regarding the sentence?

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if any employees "basic+ da" is more than 6500, then, it is mandatory for employer for epf deduction?

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hi, the problem is about my grandfathers pf amt (retired around 1990s). my grandfather had retired as a workInspector in pwd department in Vizag. But he didnt take his pf amt because pf documents were not properly managed. later he didnt enquire about because of his personnel problems and he came to his native place which is so far to vizag. And now he was expired last year . so for my grandmother sake , is there any possibilty to get those money ? i tried at vizag but there are so many formalities ? actually i want to know the exact way to get those money ? is there any possibility to get that money atleast.if how pls give me the best suggestion

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who is the first law officer of government of india ?

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Rules of civil law are different than that of criminal law. Are you prepared to enter this knowing that there is little guidance from within our office?

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CASE STUDY (i) A invites B to a dinner party. B accepts the invitation. A made elaborate arrangements but B failed to turn up. Can A sue B for the loss he has suffered? (ii) On the other hand, if B went to the venue for the dinner party. To his surprise he finds that no dinner Arrangement has been made. B had spent a certain amount to reach the venue. Can B sue A for the loss he (B) has suffered? (iii) A sees a rare book displayed in a shop. It is labeled “First Edition Rs.15” A enters the shop and puts Rs. 15 on the counter and asks for the book. The book- seller does not agree to sell saying that the Real price of the book is Rs.50 and that it had been marked Rs.15/- by mistake. Is the book seller Bound to sell the book for Rs.15/- (iv) On the 5th of a month A makes an offer to B by a letter which reaches B on the 6th On the 7th B posts his letter of acceptance. Meanwhile, on the 6th a posts a letter to B revoking the offer. On seeing it B sends a telegram to A on the 8th confirming the acceptance given through his letter on the 7th Discuss the legal effects of the three letters and the telegram. Note: Assignment should consist of about 200 words per case-let. I.e. totally 800 words (about 4 pages) for the Entire case study. Questions: Q1. Introduction of the subject being discussed and the principle enunciated in the Law. Q2. Enumerate the facts of the decided case on the point. Q3. Explain the decision pronounced by the Court of Law in each of these cases.

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