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what is the take home salary of a probationary officer in
any of the PSU bank apart from SBI

what is the take home salary of a probationary officer in any of the PSU bank apart from SBI..

Answer / birendra kumar pandey


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my parents resides in us and i have no reason to say why i will come back plz tell me what answer i will give as my interview is on 20 july

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Why you need job change?

0 Answers   Carboline, Global InnovSource,

Hi Friends, Please tell me the best institute for banking and SSC CGL coaching in hyderabad. Thanks in advance.

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i need all HR related question and answers for 1 MNC company interview

2 Answers   Johnson and Johnson, WNS,

Notice period ?

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Hi, It is really annoying for an aspirant of group1 exams, considering the uncertainity and sheer non transaparancy in the status of the supreme court judement pending..some body give a clear dates as to when it would be released.. and when would the next preliminary for group1 would be conducted.... Thanks in advance.. Please give the reliable and correct information....

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tell about yourself??

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What are the advice on the services of <a href=""></a> According to them, they are : IndianAstrologyHoroscope. com provides Astrology readings and Indian Horoscope by expert Indian astrologers. The site is your resource for accurate Vedic astrology predictions. It has dedicated astrology services that are available for corporate astrology. The site has many interesting articles in case of KaalSarp Dosha, Manglik Dosha, or Kuja Dosha, Sarp Dosha, and ill effects on marriage.

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Haryana Class 8th result feb 2009, Haryana middle class result feb 2009, haryana result 2009, haryana school class 8th result.

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i am M.Sc with specialisaton in prganic chemisry & in interview they ask me a quetion that why do you chooce organic chemistry? i said that i like reaction thats why so they ask me what do you like in reaction? i dont have answer of this 2 question please help me

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what is short term goel and long term goel

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What you do if your superior or manager commits theft or anything else which cause to company loss, and you know everything but he told you that not to tell anybody because your appraisal and bonus is in my hand? Pls give me best answer

0 Answers   Suzlon,