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Interviewer: This is a phone/pen. How you will sell this item to me?

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I am working in the field of steno cum secretary. Kindly tell me the main functions of the secretary.

0 Answers   Kingfisher,

I have an experience of 6yrs in non voice bpo sector. M bbm graduate. I feel it is not an long term secure job, here v can stay maximum 35-40 with maximum salary of 25 to 30k.. my question is what is next.. what after 40yrs..? Plz suggest me for my future step... do u guys want me to sstay with it.. or want me to step another industry.. if yes.. what are the options..?

0 Answers   HGS,

Why our fingers are not in equal length?

0 Answers   Shore Infotech,

what is auto filter, hyperlink,& pivot table in Excel ?

0 Answers  

who was the first education minister of independent india?

3 Answers   MAHINDRA, SSC, Wipro,

I am a post-graduate in Biotechnology. I have work experience in BPO industry. I want to take up my career as HR recruiter now. One question that always is difficult to answer is" Why do you want to become a HR recruiter or why join HR?

0 Answers  

What is the mcafee command for removel of mcafee from command prompt

0 Answers   Wipro,

i want some sample answers for tell us about yourself

0 Answers  

what guarantee can you give that you won`t leave our organization in 1 year?

1 Answers  

Muhammad Ghori defeat prithiv raj chauhan killed and captured delhi ?? and established empire in delhi is write ?????

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Could you please give me brief details about Recruitment? 1---Organisation Chart 2---Requirement of persons in a company 3---Application Screening 4---Interview by HOD 5---Final Interview 6---Appointment Letter 7---Probation Period 8---Identification of trainning needs 9---Trainning provided 10--Assesment of training 11--Appraisal for completion of probation period 12--Confirmation

0 Answers  

who is President of India? important Current events? Important National and international events

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