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hi, the problem is about my grandfathers pf amt (retired
around 1990s).
my grandfather had retired as a workInspector in pwd
department in Vizag. But he didnt take his pf amt because
pf documents were not properly managed. later he didnt
enquire about because of his personnel problems and he came
to his native place which is so far to vizag. And now he
was expired last year . so for my grandmother sake , is
there any possibilty to get those money ? i tried at vizag
but there are so many formalities ? actually i want to know
the exact way to get those money ? is there any possibility
to get that money atleast.if how pls give me the best

hi, the problem is about my grandfathers pf amt (retired around 1990s). my grandfather had retire..

Answer / ashish kumar pathak

hi ur mother can get ur father pf alongwith pension in
pursuance of that you have arrange the certain paper like-
ur father service appointment letter,joining letter and the
superniation(retirement)date,and death certificate
interalia the brief facts of ur father entire
service.However,you can file a representation before the
concerned dept.and then you can file a writ pettion before
the highcourt & get relief.

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