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I am worrking tcs for last 1.8 years.I took leave from
april due to health problem arise during my first
pregnancy.They approve my leave till may 15,2012.after that
i spoke to hr saying my siuation and they ask me to wait to
get approve leave till my delivery(nov 2012).Aguest first
week i got call from another team from tcs and they doesn't
accept my condition.they are force me to send resign letter
to the hr.Now they ask me Rs 120000 for final settlement.I
dont know what.I agree to pay my bond amount rs 50000 + i
month basic pay.They are therd me.Please answer as soon as

I am worrking tcs for last 1.8 years.I took leave from april due to health problem arise during my..

Answer / lavanya pm

Just tell them i'll be in leave. Don't resign. Ask them for
leave using medical certificates. They have no right
threatening you to resign. Also ladies who are pregnant can
take 6 months of leave with pay. Do not be afraid else they
will ditch you. Be brave wherever you are.

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