What is error guessing?

What is error guessing? ..

Answer / tijo george

Error guessing is one of the black box testing techniques.

1.Error guessing is based mostly upon experience, with some
assistance from other techniques such as BVA.
2.Based on experience, the test designer guesses the types
of errors that could occur in ah particular type of
software and designs test cases to uncover them.
For e.g.,if any type of resource is allocated dynamically,
a good place to look for errors is in the deallocation of
resources.Are all resources correctly deallocated or are
some lost as the software executes?
3.To make maximum use of available experience and to add
some structure to this test case design technique, it is
good idea to build a check list of type of errors. This
check list can then be used to help”guess” where errors may
occur within a unit.
4. The check list should be maintained with the benefit of
experience gained in earlier unit tests, helping to improve
the overall effectiveness of error guessing.

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