what is book building?

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what is book building? ..

Answer / nitin

Book Building is a process of raising the equity capital.
In Book Building process, Lead Merchandt Banker approach
to various banks and financial institution alongwith the
prospectus containing all the details of the company,
project, promotors, financials etc. He obtains the various
bids from the proposed investors. According to the respose
of the investor the price is decided

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what is book building? ..

Answer / guest

Book building is the process by which a price will be
determined by institutional investors on the basis of an
indicative price the issuer company offers.(by shahriar from
dhaka university)

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what is book building? ..

Answer / babhu kanchupalli(dms)

Bookbulding is a process of identifying a share price through it's supply and demand in a primary market by a merchant banker in IPO(Initial Public Offer)

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what is book building? ..

Answer / pradeep

It is a price discovery mathod ,in which fianaly alloted price is determine through prospective investor

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