There are 3 ponds and rose plant in the garden of a
magician. The ponds are magical and when we put flower in
it, it will double them.
The magician to test his assistant sets this task. The
assistant has to pluck some flowers from the rose plant and
put them all in the first pond, then when they double he
has to take a few flowers from the first pond and put them
all in the second pond, and they are doubled in the second
pond has to take a few from the second pond and put them in
the third which will be doubled.

The task is at the end of the activity all the ponds must
have the same no of flowers. He cannot carry any flowers
with him and neither can he put fresh flowers in to second
or third pond.

how many flowers should he pluck from the plant and how
many are transfered from first to second and second to
third pond?

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Answer / vilas

in the question no where mentioned about we need to wait for
one day to double flowers. double of flowers happen
so assistant pluck 7 flowers and put it in 1st pond, it will
become 14. Take 6 from the 1st pond(8 will be left in pond)
and put it in 2nd pond. It will become 12. Take 4(8 will be
in 2nd pond) and put it in 3rd and it will become 8.

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Answer / anonymous

Take 3roses from Plant and put it in Pond1.
On day2 pond1 has 6 roses. Take 4 roses and put in Pond2.
On day3 Pond1 has 4 roses, Pond2 has 8 roses. Now take
4roses from pond2 and put it in pond3.
Now each pond has 4 roses.

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