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Copal Partners Interview Questions
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What is share script?

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why should i hire you? what are your outside interest? what was your toughest decision you ever have to make?


copal partner interview question& aptitude question paper pattern

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16. Eurodollars are best described as =============== a) The new currency of the European Union b) A U.S dollar denominated deposit ….generally in a bank located outside the United States …that is not subject to US banking regulation. c) A currency deposited outside its country of origin d) A foreign..denominated deposit subject to US banking regulations

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Why we hire you, being a fresher when at the same time we have experinced professionals like CAs, MBAs line up?

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Mention 5 paramaters that you would consider while searching a candidate for the position of Vice President-Finance/HR for Copal Partners?


What do you understand by the term 'Big 4s'?


What is 'Pressure' for you?

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What is the difference between ROE(Return on Equity) and ROCE(Return on Capital Employed)?

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Have you ever faced a challenging situation and how did you managed it?


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