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where can i get APGENCO jr Accounts officer test question paper

1 Answers   APGenco, apspdcl, JAO,


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Which Entries comes in Receipts & which entries in Payments,any payment & Income is received through cheque that entries will appear in it or we have to pass it in journal.

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what is merchant banking ?

2 Answers  

What is Performance Share?

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a companys assets minus its liabilities is

6 Answers   FactSet Systems,

Short Answer on ___________fluctuating capital

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If DEBT/EQUITY ratio 2:1, is to good or bad for a company? how...??? can u explain it...???

0 Answers   MNC,

would gross expenditure vouch the correctness or otherwise of the given expenses?

0 Answers   Wipro,

when do we claim service tax credit?for eg: in a company they are not claiming any service tax credit for their telephone expenses incured? what would be the reasons for not claiming it?

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What type of report and accounts should a company prepare?

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what is the journal entry? goods purchased by ram on credit for 1000 which includes vat rs.100 in it

19 Answers   IBM, Shreyas,